A Visitors Guide to the Nordic Heritage Center

Just in time, snow has begun to fill the landscapes of Central and Northern Maine! For those of you who have been driven stir crazy in the gap between summer’s warmth and the powder that brings in winter activity, consider the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle for this season’s sporting debut!

Upon arrival, the possibilities are endless so come with a plan to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. Be sure to sign the guestbook so that the splendid volunteers know just how many people are taking advantage of their facility! When the snow is off the ground enjoy,

  • Fat tire/ mountain biking 
  • Disc golf
  • Trail running
  • Walking trails along the ridge (bring your furry friend along!)
  • Have a picnic in the field or on the lodge porch

During the winter all the trails are groomed for cross country skiing with lights on two of the ridge trails that stay on until 9 pm for night skiing!

All throughout the year, the first floor of the lodge is open until about 9 each night. There is a bathroom, lockers, showers, and some space to warm up in between ski runs. However, the most exciting feature is a large sauna, keeping the Nordic tradition alive! In Maine, we are used to sprawling open space for the public to enjoy, but where else can you find facilities and hospitality like this?

No matter your skill level or age, the Nordic Heritage Center is there to get you moving! Check out our itinerary back on the home page and be sure to visit their website. Happy trails!