UMDLI 19-20 cohort group photo
2019–20 UMDLI Cohort
photo of UMDLI 2018–19 cohort
2018–19 UMDLI Cohort


Muna Abdullahi, Division of Student Life

Alyssa Adkins, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Stephen Allan, College of Education & Human Development

Alyssa Anaya, Human Resources, UMS

Joel Anderson, Department of History

Jeremiah (JP) Ankrom, School of Performing Arts

Catherine Athay, College Success Programs

Barbara Baker, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Penobscot County)

Debra Bell, Auxiliary Services

Brian Berger, Office of International Programs

Nancy Bergerson, Hutchinson Center

Jessica Bishop, College Success Programs

Nicole Boudreau, Department of French (UMFK)

Sandra Butler, School of Social Work

Tiffany Butler, Office of Student Financial Aid

Laurie Cartier, Department of Sociology

Marlene Charron, Conferences & Institutes

Shelly Chasse-Johndro, Project Reach

Ming-Tso Chien, College of Education and Human Development

Michele Christle, Hutchinson Center

Sally Clark, Auxiliary/Housing Services

Erika Clement, Study Abroad Advisor

Mark Congdon, Jr., Department of Communication & Journalism

Sandy Copel-Parsons, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Machias)

José Cordero, Hutchinson Center

Maida Cordero, Division of Student Affairs

Laura Cowan, Department of English

Nilda Cravens, School of Nursing

Tammy Crosby, Graduate School

Marc Cryer, Bureau of Labor Education

Bill Davids, College of Engineering

Veena Dinesh, Director of Business Incubation

Marcia Douglas, School of Performing Arts

Anne Marie Engelsen, Fogler Library

Shannon Field,School of Forest Resources

Christine Finemore, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Aroostook County)

Derek Francis, Office of Admissions

Nick Fraunfelter, Maine Business School

Michelle Gayne, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Mandi Gearhart, Student Accessibility Services

gkisedtanamoogk, Native American Studies Program, Peace & Reconciliation Studies Program

Christian Matt Graham, Maine Business School

Kristen Grant, Maine Sea Grant Extension

Jane Haskell, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Lisa Henderson, Institutional Research & Assessment

Sara Henry, Student Accessibility Services

Jessica Hickernell, Office of Student Employment

Kelly Hoovler, Office of Human Resources

Kathy Ingraham, Office of Student Financial Aid

Robert Jackson, Office of Equal Opportunity

Kat Johnson, Explorations Program

Bethany Jorgensen, Department of Communication and Journalism

Sarah Joughin, Office of International Programs

Jonathan Jue-Wong, Academic Affairs

Victoria Kane, School of Social Work

Debra Kantor, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Somerset County)

Leonard Kass, School of Biology and Ecology

John Kidder, Office of Human Resources

Mike Kirby, Marketing & Communications

Luz Kogson, Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research

Melissa Ladenheim, Honors College

Molly-Jean Langlais-Parker, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology

Monique LaRocque, Division of Lifelong Learning

Matt LeClair, Office of Admissions

Kasey Legaard, School of Forest Resources

Tammy Light, Office of Student Records

Nicolle Littrell, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program

Jennifer Lobley, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Angel Loredo, Division of Student Life

Sara Lowden, Department of Anthropology

Bonnie Lucas, Maine Educational Talent Search & Maine Educational Opportunity Center

Margo Lukens, Department of English

John Maddaus, College of Education and Human Development

Wanda Madden-Carr, Provost’s Office

Sarah Marx, Wilson Center

John Mascetta, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sue McCullough, Division of Lifelong Learning

Anna McDormand, Auxiliary Services

Theresa McMannus, Division of Lifelong Learning

Andrea Mercado, Department of Communication and Journalism

Karen Merritt, College of Engineering

Laura Millay, Maine Center for Research in STEM Education

Carl Mitchell, Office of Human Resources

Deborah Mitchell, Public Safety

Paige Mitchell, Department of English

Dagmar Moravec, Division of Lifelong Learning

Lisa Morin, Division of Student Life

William Murphy, Bureau of Labor Education

Carey Nason, The Safe Campus Project

Ruth Osborne, Printing and Mailing Services

William Osmer, Explorations Program

Kristy Ouellette, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties)

Amie Parker, Human Resources

Catherine Pease, Office of Human Resources

Hannah Pennington, Cooperative Extention

Laura Personette, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Androscoggin & Sagadahoc Counties)

Susan Pinette, Franco-American Studies Program and Department of Modern Languages & Classics

Patricia Poirier, School of Nursing

Dorianna Pratt, Office of Human Resources

Melanie Prentice, Postdoctoral Research Association

Jenny Radsma, School of Nursing (UMFK)

Kendra Rand, Department of Communication & Journalism

Linda Reed, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Kevin Roberge, Department of Mathematics

Cheryl Robertson, College of Education and Human Development

Kathryn Robinson, School of Nursing

Betsy Rose, National Poetry Foundation and University of Maine Press

Katie Rossignol, UMaine Graduate School

Susan Russell, Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies

Kim Sawtelle, Fogler Library

Kenda Scheele, Division of Student Life

Holly Schreiber, Department of Communication & Journalism

Mary Jean (MJ) Sedlock, School of Performing Arts

Donna Seppy, Academic Affairs, UMS

Indira K.C. Silwal, Forest BioProducts Research Institute

Daniel Smith, Office of Facilities Management

Maureen Smith, Native American Studies Program and Department of History

Trisha Smith, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Valerie Smith, Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies

Candice Snyder, Office of Student Financial Aid

Erin-Kate Sousa, Intensive English Institute

Rita Stephenson, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Washington County)

Devon Storman, Division of Lifelong Learning

Amy Sturgeon, Student Accessibility Services

Francine Sulinski, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Susan Tardiff, School of Nursing

Sandra Caceres Tijerina, TRIO Maine Educational Talent Search Program

Dorice Timko, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Washington County)

Cindy Thomas, Continuing and Distance Education

Cynthia Tollerson, Graduate School of Business, USM

Brandon Torrey, Admissions

Erin Twitchell, Graduate School

Erin L. Vinson, School of Biology & Ecology

Joseph Walker, Fogler Library

Taylor Ward, Admissions

Frank Wertheim, UMaine Cooperative Extension (York County)

Nancy White, UMaine Cooperative Extension (Knox-Lincoln County)

Erin Wight, Intensive English Institute

Gail Wilmott, Auxiliary Dining Services

Corinne Wilson, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Mary Beth Willett, College Success Programs

Katherine Wing, Conferences & Institutes

Lori Wingo, Division of Lifelong Learning

Victoria B. Wingo, College of Engineering

Debra Wright, Conferences & Institutes

Ella Wu, Office of International Programs

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