University of Maine Diversity Leadership Institute (UMDLI)’s mission is to provide opportunities to understand, appreciate, support and strengthen the diversity of our community.  It aligns with the  University of Maine’s commitment to “developing and sustaining a multicultural and pluralistic educational community that encourages the full participation of all of its members.” [UMaine Mission Statement]  The UMDLI promotes a learning and working community that embraces a vision of Open Doors, Open Minds, and Open Hearts. Diversity is defined and represented by the myriad ways in which we differ, including: gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, faith, cultural and social class context, learning style, intellectual and physical ability, talents and challenges.


  • To create a grassroots, bottom-up approach to diversity efforts;
  • To build a well-connected support system of trained role models, staff development trainers, speakers, mentors, ambassadors, and diversity planners and consultants for the campus and the greater community that grows in number each year;
  • To provide collaborative opportunities to create structures that support the work of diversity and inclusivity on our campuses;
  • To recognize and honor those individuals, units and organizations that are committed to diversity work.

UMDLAC (Advisory Committee)

  • Barbara Blazej

    UMDLI/UMDLAC Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty in Peace & Reconciliation Studies


  • Nicole Boudreau

    Associate Professor of French, UMFK (Active Alum)


  • Marc Cryer

    Director, Bureau of Labor Education (Active Alum)


  • Marcia Joy Douglas

    Associate Professor of Theatre (Active Alum)


  • Sara Henry

    Director, Student Accessibility Services (Active Alum)


  • Robert Jackson

    Staff Associate for Diversity and Inclusion, Office for Diversity and Inclusion (Active Alum)


  • Melissa Ladenheim

    Associate Dean, Honors College (Active Alum)


  • Margo Lukens

    Professor of English and Director of the Clement & Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center (Active Alum)


  • Ruth Osborne

    Pre-press Technician, Printing Services (Active Alum)


  • Barbara Smith

    UMaine Student Affairs 1980–2019, retired Aug. 2019 (Active Alum)

  • Francine Sulinski

    Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension (Active Alum)