FAQ – Employment

What positions are graduates willing to fill? Graduates are willing to start at almost any position. However, to keep graduates employed in the firm, the employer must provide a steady increase in responsibility and diversity of tasks sufficient to make employment interesting.

What positions are students able to fill? Students have the knowledge to fill almost any technical or beginning management position. Experience may be a limiting factor. Many students, with their summer experience have useful experience.

How can I employ more students in the summer? Students are most likely to take summer jobs near where their parents live or near their college apartment. They are trying to save money for college. Accordingly, they can save more money by living at home with their parents or to continue living where they have to pay rent.  Some employers attract students by paying per diem or provide housing for students during the summer.

Would SVT students be willing to take jobs in other states upon graduation? Oh yes! Many students are looking for an opportunity to move away from home — especially to a warmer climate. Approximately one-third of the class are non-residents. A few of these students plan to move back to their home state to work.

How can I hire summer or permanent help? Send us a position announcement (preferably by e-mail). We will see the announcement is sent to all students. We always welcome potential employers who would like to interview students. We will help you set up an interview schedule and provide you with a room to conduct interviews.