History of the SVT program
A program of study in surveying was approved by the Board of Trustees on 24 May 1978. A degree option was offered as part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering program. A two-year option in surveying was offered in the Civil Engineering Technology associate degree program. The Surveying Engineering (SVE) department was created in the Fall semester 1988 from the surveying option in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program (ABET/EAC). Starting in the Fall semester 1996, the Surveying Engineering program was renamed Spatial Information Engineering (SIE) to reflect the expanded role of surveying into geographic information systems. In the Fall semester 2003, the SIE program again evolved into Information Systems Engineering (ISE). In the Fall semester 2005, no further students were admitted to the ISE program. In the Fall semester 2009, the undergraduate program in ISE was eliminated. In the Fall semester 2003, the undergraduate surveying practice component of the former program was transferred to the School of Engineering Technology as the Surveying Engineering Technology (SVT) program (ABET/TAC). In 2015, a Professional Science Masters, a new graduate program was started that allowed students to focus on surveying topics. In 2016, a dual degree in Forestry and Surveying was added.

Since the Fall semester 2003, the SVT program has reached new levels of enrollment. (Note: Graduates of the two year Civil Engineering Technology program with a concentration in surveying are listed in the CMT program alumni list.)

Alumni List includes:

  • Civil Engineering Technology (Surveying Option)
  • Surveying Engineering
  • Spatial Information Engineering
  • Surveying Engineering Technology

This is not a complete list of undergraduates. Some undergraduates have chosen to align themselves with the Information Engineering System program and asked not to be listed. Some alumni were inadvertently omitted. We are proud of our alumni and would like to list all who wished to be affiliated with the surveying program.

Contact us to add or edit information on this list, including:

  • missing name
  • add professional license – send name, license and email address

By email to: Knud Hermansen
By mail: Surveying Engineering Technology, 5711 Boardman Hall, Room 119, Orono, Maine 04469-5711
By phone: 207-581-2168

Professional Licenses

  • EIT – Engineer in Training
  • PE – Professional Engineer
  • LSIT – Land Surveyor in Training
  • P.S. – Professional Land Surveyor
  • Esq- Attorney at Law

Educational Achievements Beyond the B.S.

  • FTY – Dual Degree in Forestry & Surveying
  • JD – Juris Doctorate (Law Degree)
  • MBA – Master in Business Administration
  • ME – Master of Engineering
  • MS – Master of Science
  • Ph.D – Doctor of Philosophy
  • PSM – Professional Science Master

Minors Achieved

  • Cert – Graduate Certificate in Surveying
  • CMT – Construction Management Technology
  • EEN – Entrepreneurial Minor

Names in italics earned a minor in SVT.

Names in bold italics received graduate degrees only.

Dennis R. Boston, P.S.

Robert N. Muller
Wayne T. Wood, P.S.

Steven R. Lambert, MS, Ph.D
John H. Whiting

Mark A. Hawkins, P.S.

Jonathan C. Howland
Michael G. Jackson
Audrey Butterfield Knight
Jonathan W. Ladd
Roy J. Teal, P.S.

William J. Acheson, P.S.

Peter A. Belanger, P.S.
Stephen G. Cook, P.S.
Allan F. Gordon, Jr., P.S.
John A. Mueller, P.S.
James Rezendes

J. Milo Robinson
Brian K. Roy

Scott D. Cameron, P.S.
David W. Humphrey, P.S.
Christopher W. Knight, P.S.
Dean F. Pottle

Bruce A. VanNote, JD, P.S., Esq.
Wayne T. Welton

Jeffrey D. Wood

Stephen K. Anderson

Robert J. Freeman, P.S.
Kevin M. Sullivan

Richard P. Volcjak
Mark K. Wheeler, P.S.

Jill Ann Clark, P.S.
Ronald R. Coler, P.S.
Kathleen Wilson Martin

Christopher H. Mende, P.S.
Lisabeth Ortler, JD, Esq.
Peter Ring

Mark A. Scott
David E. Titcomb, P.S.
R. Michael White, MS

Bruce E. Berry, MS

Paul D. Haggerty, MS
David W. Cook, ME, P.S.
Brian A. Norris, P.S.
S. Diana Orr, J.D., Esq.
Christopher T. Shea

Stevenson W. Sheppard, P.S.

Andrew Alexander, P.S.
Alfred M. Berry, P.S.
Kevin P. Dempsey

Brent A. Jones, P.E., P.S.
Linda Mary Langley, P.L.S.
Douglas W. Roberts

Glenn R. Van Vliet

Ronald M. Beal, P.S.
Jeffrey P. Jackson, MS
Tim ‘Spyke’ LeSiege, P.E., P.S.
William F. Menard, PSM
Thomas E. Tiller

Max J. Egenhofer, MS, Ph.D
Malcolm E. Fuller, MS
George W. Gilpin

Allen G. Grafton
R. Richard Howard
Erik Lange, P.S.
Alfred John Lloyd, P.S.
Andrew V. Murphy

Blair C. Parker, MS
Ralf Platte

Michael D. Scott
David R. Steiner, MS
Carl E. Storch, P.S.
Lisa Thulstrup Whitson, MS
Gary C. Williams

Zhihong Zhao, Ph.D

Barry M. Blanchard, MS
Ian Greasley, MS
Stephen W. Hosier
Douglas L. Hudson, Ph.D
Claire Elizabeth Kiedrowski, P.S.
Scot A. Macdonald, MS, P.S.
Jeffrey S. McDonald, MS
James E. Normandeau
Eric J. Poreda, P.S.
Kenneth D. Roy, P.S.
Richard E. St. Pierre
Gary S. Volta, MS
Michael W. Zmuda, P.S., P.E.

Benton E. Anderson, P.L.S.
James E. Bosworth
Gregory M. Gleason
Adrienne L. Goodwin
Gary A. Jeffress, P.S., Ph.D
Dilwyn J. Knott, P.S., MS, Ph.D
Rodney P. Lane, Jr.
Andrew D. Lymburner
Timothy A. Patch, MS, P.S.
Lori Ann Phillips
David W. Pollock, MS
Paul R. Prescott, MS
Saogat Rab, MS
Todd J. Rowell
Rowland Sidjabat, ME
James S. Thew
William E. Webber, Jr., P.S.
Jeffrey D. Wood, MS

Jeffrey D. Allen
Khaled K. Al-Taha, Ph.D
Taher B. Buyong, Ph.D
Maureen Carr, ME
Sarah Barnes Clapham, MS
James K. Garster, ME, P.S.
Jon A. Giles, P.S.
Peralie Burbank, LSIT, P.E.
Jeffrey S. Knights
Peter A. Lothian, P.S.
Jeffrey R. Paradis, MS
Carlos Paramo, ME
Scott E. Roberts
Bradley S. Root, MS
Sabine Timpf, MS
Randall G. Trott, P.S.
Bingcai Zhang, ME

Robert B. Brown
Everett J. Chandler
Kevin H. Daniel, P.S.
Mary K. Heintz, MS
Jeffrey P. Johnson, MS, JD, Esq
Wilfred E. King, MS, P.L.S.
Andrew H. McNeally
David J. O’Brien, P.S.
Ali Oufrid, ME
Jeffrey D. Quackenbush
Jason G. Racette, P.S.
James R. Richards, MS
Christopher R. Steere
P. Langley Willauer, MS
Chao-Hsiung Wu, Ph.D.

Abdullah M. Al-Mazrooi, ME
Harland T. Bruns, Jr., MS
Anthony P. Bruno
Jerald Chiarell
Thomas D. Donahue
Ricardo J. Moreno, ME, P.S.
James N. Copley
John Florence, III, MS
Steven Frank, Ph.D, P.S.
Jung-Hong Hong, Ph.D
Jinye Li,
MS, Ph.D
David J. Ostanski
Anthony J. Sleezer, MS
Reuben J. Wheeler, P.S.
Lee A. Zimmer, P.E.

Thomas N. Cavalluzzi
Kevin Daniel, P.S.
Gregory M. Jones
Patrick S. Kirby, MS
Douglas E. Smith, MS
Jonathan Stewart, P.S., MS

Hussein A. Al-Abbas
Joshua W. Bragg, P.S.
Nathan A. Gurney, MS
Gregory Hall, MS
Derek D. Hedstrom
Keith J. Kutilek
Tobias J. Ryan

Garth McNally, MS, P.S.
Phoebe B McNeally, M.S., Ph.D., LSIT
Michael P. Peverett, P.S.
Balkaran Samaroo, MS, P.S.

Joseph P. Coffey, P.S.
Robert C. Green Jr.
Richard W. Godin


Mohammad A. Al-Harbi
Mahmoud Al-Nabulsi
Joshua P. King, P.S.
Ashton M. Lamont
Brian Naberezny, MS, P.S.
Stephanie Ann Sturtevant

Emad Al Ghamdi
Amber Nicole Bethell
Danielle Kelly Donovan
Christopher E. Frank
Richard J. Monteiro
Nicholas R. Spurling

Abdulaziz Al-Mugaiteeb
Ali Al Shamrani
Todd M. Belanger
Charles L. Buker, P.S.
Adam D. Carrigan
Joshua D. Connell, MS
Edward P. Fitzgerald
Trevor E. Gleason, P.S.
Suzannah Marie Hall
Eeva Kaarina Hedefine, MS
Randy R. Loubier, P.S.
Justin D. Maloney, MS, P.S.
Christopher R. Michaud, P.S.
Jon P. Pinkham, P.S.
Joseph L. Stanley, P.S.

Brian P. Bailey, MS
Christopher Bailey, L.S.I.T
Dana L. Belden, MS
Benjamin M. Darrah, P.S.
Glenn Griswold, P.S.
Erik M. Jellison, P.S.
Frederick Nehring III, P.S.
Haci M. Palancioglu, Ph.D.
Matthew J. Philbrick, P.E.
Craig O. Ranson, P.S.
Nicholas R. Spurling, MS
Kurt B. Wurm, P.S., Ph.D.

Only graduates of the Surveying Engineering Technology program

are listed after 2003.


Erika Breton, LSIT


Ryan Beisaw, LSIT
Hatim Gazzaz, LSIT
Richard R. Hayford, LSIT
Christopher M. Knowlton, P.S.
Joseph R. Labranch, P.S.
Jonathan Miller, LSIT
David Sheehan, P.S.
Lori-Ann Stubbs, LSIT
Richard Vannozzi, P.S., M.S.*
Thomas Williams, LSIT

Edward C. Fortin, LSIT (FSC)

Sarah Bell, LSIT
Shane Enos, LSIT
Tara Hartson (Jeffers), P.S.
Kara Lawson, LSIT
Justin McCoubrey, LSIT
Andrew Paradee, LSIT
Isak Porter, P.S.
Fred Stohlman, LSIT

Daniel F. Livingstone, P.S. (US)

Ryan Brown, LSIT
Jeffrey Condon, P.S.
Tyler Durant, P.S.
Michael Gard, P.S.
Suzanne Graves-Hall, CMT
Nathan Hart, P.L.S., CMT, EEN
Sean Lahann, P.S.
Christopher Martin, LSIT, CMT
Robert Miles, P.S.
Jared Patenaude, P.S.M., CMT, EEN
James Stevens, P.S.
Samuel Stietzel, P.S.
Michael Thoreson, LSIT
Daniel Yarumian, P.S.

Brian Berube (FSC), P.S., MBA

Jacob Bartlett, P.S.
Timothy Brauer, LSIT
Robert Buzzell, LSIT
Jimmy Courbron, P.S.
Nicholas Dutil, P.S., P.E.
Bradley Finnemore, LSIT
Chad Finnemore, LSIT
Samuel Glidden, P.S.
Robert Goodwin, LSIT
Alexander Ogilvie, LSIT
Matthew Plante, P.S.
Nathan Winings, P.S.

Nicholas Acheson, P.S.
Andrew Brown, LSIT
Timothy Cote, LSIT
Nicholas Craig, LSIT
Jonathan B. Drew, P.S.
Nathan Mayo, LSIT
Daniel Oakes, LSIT
Sean Pierce, P.L.S
Heather Pettigrew, LSIT
Drew Pickering, LSIT
Tyler Rigazio, P.S.

Eric E. Anderson, LSIT
Clifford K. Bennett, LSIT
Kevin A. Brooks, LSIT
Jeff Broumas
Clark R. Chattin, LSIT
Nicholas S. Elliston, P.S.
Kevin J. Gay, LSIT
Matthew C. Holden, LSIT
David C. Holland, LSIT
Jared S. Johnson, LSIT
Anthony G. Mazzarella, P.S.
Kyle J. Peckham
Samuel Suorsa, P.S.
Judd Vear, P.S.
Matthew R. Verrill, LSIT

Robert Coolong (CIE), P.S.

Richard D. Adams II, BUA, LSIT
Matthew Brooks, P.S.
Charles Dexter, BUA, LSIT
Joshua Eon, P.S.
Ryan Flanagan, LSIT
William Hirst
Sterling Hooke, BUA, P.S.
Phillip Mantelli, BCM, EEN
Benjamin Payeur, EEN
Mark Provo, P.S.
Benjamin Robie, LSIT
Jeffry Spaulding, BUA, LSIT
Henry “Hank” Simpkins, P.S.
Andrew Strout, P.S.
Kymberly Turk

Ali Alghamdi, EEN
Mansour Alghamdi, EEN
Mohammed Aljafar, EEN, BCM
Jon Brundage, LSIT
Tyler Camick, LSIT
Patrick Mciver, BCM, LSIT
Daniel Menard, LSIT
Tim Lackedy-McCormick
Andrew Piccirillo
, P.S.
Jared Serpico, EEN, P.S.
Mark Ingraham (BUS), P.S

Abdulaziz Alassaf
Mossa Bakhari
Benjamin Bartlett, P.S.
Daniel Buscemi
Patrick Gardner
Jordan McAdams
Brian Moore, LSIT
Devin Pike, P.S.
Glenn Roberts, LSIT
Gordon Wilson, P.S.

Ryan Bateman, P.S.
Daniel Begin, LSIT
Tyler Chamberlain, LSIT
Dustin Hargreaves, LSIT
Ben Hodge, P.S.
Stephanie Mazerolle, P.S.
Alexander Normandeau
Tyler Young, LSIT

Terrell Carver
Caleb Gervais, LSIT
Ambrose Gmeiner, P.S., PSM
Anne Howell, LSIT
Chris Lamotte, LSIT
Ben Salzberg, LSIT
James Santos
Dan Sawyer
Myles Sykes, LSIT

Sahal Alnuwairan
Ben Greenwood
Charles Hildebrant, P.S.
Tara Mullen, LSIT
Melissa Soucie, PSM, P.S.

Craig Bailey, PSM, P.S.
Joshua Bragg, PSM, P.S.

Ella M Chapman, FTY
Jack Clark, FTY
James Clasby, LSIT
Cole Gallant
Jason Gustafson, PSM, P.S.
Devon Hurley, LSIT
Steven Hyde, PSM, P.S.
Ryan McDowell, Cert, P.S.
Shawn Mitchell, LSIT
Mark Powell, PSM, P.S.
Brian Renfro, FTY
Nathan Rice, LSIT
Corey Ridley, FTY
London Ryon, PSM, P.S.
Ben Salzberg, PSM, P.S.
David Sheehan, PSM, P.S.

Christian M. Stock, FTY, LSIT
Jeff Weeks, LSIT

Austin Burrows, FTY
Robert Davis, PSM, PS
Jay Drake, PSM, PS

John Fanotto
Zachary Fanotto
Aiden Heikkinen, FTY
Connor Hill, LSIT
Soren Donisvitch, FTY
Ethan Hill, FTY
Alex Jakubowski
Tom Palangas, LSIT
Jane Salvaggio, Cert
Joshua Schneier, LSIT
Dane Sherman, LSIT
Patrick VanHaverbeke, PSM, PS
Nathan Storey, LSIT
Jacob Watson, FTY