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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Degree progress report (DPR) can be found on your Dashboard under “Academics” on left-hand side of the screen. It is easiest to view by clicking “View Condensed Format” at the top right of the report. Your DPR shows which requirements have been satisfied. If you are a student transferring in many credits it might not be fully correct until midway through your second semester of classes if exceptions for classes need to be made. If you are starting your third semester or more at UMaine and still think it is missing something contact

Some UMaine courses have prerequisite classes that provide the foundation information for that course. It is best for you if you take them in the correct order. Here is the flowchart for the SVT courses showing the order they should be taken. That being said there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, please contact and we can see about an override.

Yes, many online students end up taking classes elsewhere… maybe their local community college has an in-person class they would prefer or they found something offered with timing that works better for them. 31 credits need to be from UMaine with at least 15 of those 300-level or higher. Otherwise if courses are taken from a regionally accredited institution and transfer in for the required course it is fine. UMaine Transfer Tools

You will need to register at the other institution separately (even if it is in the UMaine system). Usually you tell them you want to be a “non-degree student”. Then fill out a Domestic Study Away form and return to, this will ensure you are taking the correct class and make the class counts to your overall package. Once you have completed the class get the official transcript sent UMaine Office of Student Records and you’re all set.

Some of the required courses might need to be found at a local community college or online from another school. Below are some of the places that our students have taken those classes online with good results. We don’t control these offerings so they may or may not be offered online in the semester you want them. You will need to check each school and register with them separately and fill out a Domestic Study Away form to return to and then get the transcript sent to UMaine Office of Student Records after class completion.

CLEP ( and
This allows students to test for credit that transfers in as UMaine classes like an AP test.
ECO elective

University of Maine System
This is the easier method…grades transferred in without sending a transcript

CMJ103: University of Maine Augusta COM101
University of Maine Fort Kent COM200

Advanced Comm: University of Maine Augusta COM102, COM104, COM205
PHY107: University of Maine Augusta PHY115

Eastern Maine C.C.
PHY107: EMCC PHY121/122 (summer/fall)
PHY108: EMCC PHY 123/124 (summer/spring)
CMJ103: SPE101
MAT122: MAT217
MAT126: MAT225
MATH127: MAT226

Southern Maine C.C.
PHY107: PHYS150 (fall/spring)
PHY108: PHYS155 (fall/spring)
CMJ103: ENGL110
MAT122: MAT146 and MAT190
MAT126: MATH260
MATH127: MAT127

Cape Cod Community College

MAT122: MAT195
MAT126: MAT240
ACC elective: ACC201
Advance Comm: COM105, COM120, COM201, COM215

Bristol, MA C.C.
PHY107: Bristol PHY 101 (fall) = UMaine PHY 107
PHY108:Bristol PHY 102 (spring) = UMaine PHY 108

Middlesex, MA C.C.
Middlesex PHY 151(spring)
Middlesex PHY 152 (fall)

You have the first two weeks of class to withdraw from a standard full semester class and get a 100% refund. Then it is prorated tuition if you are dropping all your classes that semester. Click here for more detailed information. Please contact as soon as you know you need to withdraw.

You might need to readmit because your account went inactive after a gap. Use the simple one-page re-admission form and return it to and we can help you get enrolled. This could take a couple weeks to process so don’t wait until the semester starts to do this.

Even 1 credit a semester will keep you on active status but it is not necessary. It is very easy to come back after taking a semester or more off. It most cases you won’t need to do anything but enroll for classes but if you have trouble enrolling because it says you are ineligible for that semester then just contact and, in most cases, you will need to fill out the simple one-page re-admission form.

First check your Degree Progress Report (DPR) in Mainstreet and make sure everything shows as satisfied (it should look be just series of blue category bars no courses showing). This can be checked as soon as you register for your last class. As soon as a year before before you plan to graduate you can put in your graduation application. You must submit a graduation application to be awarded a degree. Directions for applying here (opens in a separate window).