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Frequently Asked Questions By Prospective Students

This varies based on how many credits are being transferred in to cover required courses and how many courses are taken each semester. We try our best to use as many transferred classes as possible to fulfill requirements. We have put together some tools to help you do an initial self-evaluation for where you stand in the program. You can use these to put in completed courses that you believe fill requirements and see how many required courses remain.

SVT program flowchart

SVT Curriculum 2024-25

SVT Curriculum checklist 24-25

Transfer Equivalency page

We currently offer all the required classes but Calculus I and Calculus II online. We can help guide you online options for those classes. Some of the non-core classes have limited online sections so need to be signed up for as soon as possible.

Many online students end up taking classes elsewhere… maybe their local community college has an in-person class they would prefer or they found something offered with timing that works better for them. 31 credits need to be from UMaine with at least 15 of those 300-level or higher but otherwise if course are taken from a regionally accredited institution and transfer in for the required course it is fine. You will need to register at the other institution separately (even if it is in the UMaine system). Usually you tell them you want to be a “non-degree student”.

Yes, there is even a FS exam prep class built into the curriculum. Taking the exam (not passing) is a required component for graduation. If you have already taken the FS exam, please contact after admittance to the B.S. program and we can waive the class and mark of the exam requirement.

Yes, our B.S. Survey Engineering Technology program is accepted by all 50 states+ for licensure requirements. Some states don’t require a bachelor’s in surveying and the Certificate in Survey Engineering Technology is a great option there.

You should review your states requirements carefully and contact the licensure board for your state to fully understand the requirements. Find out about surveying exams at the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

You can apply for admission at for your chosen program option. The admissions process does take a couple weeks so please don’t wait until the semester is starting to apply. Academic Calendar

The SET Office acts as you academic advisor for your first semester so please contact us at or call at 207-581-2340 with any questions about classes. We don’t manage any financial related issues but you can contact for help with that. You can always contact us with any question and we can help direct you to the right resource.

If you are transferring in classes (especially from multiple other institutions) it will take even longer to process everything. We can usually get you in required classes your first semester and sort everything out from there.

If you are are certificate student you will need to have taken a precalculus class before getting accepted. For the B.S. Survey Engineering Technology program it is important that you take the Aleks math placement exam as soon as possible if you are not transferring in math courses from elsewhere.