Transfer Information

The Surveying Engineering Technology program will accept transfer credits from other majors, programs, and institutions. This program is primarily online non-traditional students and efforts are made to count as many previously taken credits for required classes as possible. 

Transfer Conditions
  • Students will receive transfer credits only for courses passed with a grade of “C-” or better.  There is a university-wise requirement of a “C” or better in ENG101. 
  • Course substitutions only apply to School of Engineering Technology programs. Students transferring to other programs within the University of Maine will require re-evaluation of courses.
  • Students must take and complete at least 30 credits at the University of Maine.

Fully online students an qualify for a e-rate tuition.

New England Regional Student Program: New England residents qualify for the New England Board of Higher Education reduced tuition rates.

Initial evaluation of transfer credits

One of the most frequently asked questions is “how long will it take me to complete the program”? This varies based on how many credits are being transferred in to cover required courses and how many courses are taken each semester. We have put together some tools to help you do an initial self-evaluation of where you stand in the program. You can use these to put in completes courses that you believe fill requirements and see how many required courses remain.

SVT program flowchart  

SVT Curriculum 2024-25

Transfer Equivalency page

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