Informational Graphic regarding Zero-Sort at UMaine

Single Stream Recyling @ UMaine

Zero-Sort is a recycling revolution, all recyclables now go into a single bin!

With the advent of value added products made from recycled materials and increased viability of recycling and recapturing materials, zero-sort was born.

In the past, we were encouraged to think carefully about the few materials that COULD be recycled. However, Zero-Sort now accepts so many materials that it is easier to think in terms of what CANNOT be recycled.

For the things that you can’t zero-sort, here’s some ideas:

  • Use less or stop using those things! If we haven’t found a way to recycle those materials, they likely get landfilled or incinerated (neither option is great) and there’s probably a better, reusable option.
  • Plastic bags can be recycled at most major retail stores.
  • Join the UMaine Green Team and help start campaigns to end the use of unsustainable products.
  • Hazardous Waste and Universal Waste can be recycled/disposed of properly at the following location: 358 Emerson Mill Road, Hampden, ME 04444 (in certain cases a small fee may apply).


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