What is Emerging Leaders?

The Emerging Leaders Program was developed by the Leadership Development team in The Center for Student Involvement and was first introduced during the 2020 Spring semester. Emerging Leaders is a cohort focused learning opportunity for developing UMaine leaders beginning (or continuing) their leadership journeys. This 8-week workshop series is accompanied by a mentorship experience to strengthen relationships between Emerging Leaders and experienced leaders across the UMaine community. Each Emerging Leader will be paired with an upperclassman mentor and will be provided opportunities to engage with the entire mentor – mentee cohort through interactive lectures and activities. 

Our mission is to develop ethical and compassionate leaders, assist students with identifying their strengths and leadership styles, and provide a strong foundation in leadership theories and practices. We hope to inspire confidence in one’s own leadership abilities and further push our leaders to reach higher regarding their leadership development. 

Are You Interested in Participating?

Well, you should be! Participating in Emerging Leaders is a fantastic first step towards unlocking your leadership potential. By participating in Emerging Leaders, you are also one step closer to be inducted into the Dirigo Leadership Society, an honorary leadership society. This program will also count towards the earning of Leadership Level 1, Leadership Level 2, and Leadership Level 3 UMS micro-credential badges (more information here). 

We are seeking participants to join the 2023 Emerging Leaders cohort right now!

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills and be a part of an amazing collective learning opportunity, express your interest to Natalie.pagliocca@maine.edu! 

Leadership Definitions

At the end of each iteration of the Emerging Leaders Program, the Emerging Leaders cohort is asked to create a collective definition for “leadership” and for “leader”. Below, you’ll find the leadership definitions created by Emerging Leaders thus far.  

2022 Emerging Leaders Cohort:

A leader is supportive in providing resources and serves as a level-headed and inspiring mentor. They empower others through goal-oriented methods. An effective leader can be bold and motivates others through action towards future endeavors. 

2021 Emerging Leaders Cohort:

Effective leaders are empathetic listeners who are motivated and driven to create an inclusive, innovative environment that nurtures open-minded thinking. Inspirational leaders encourage group members to perform with integrity and enthusiasm through mindful actions and courageous dialogue. 

2020 Emerging Leaders Cohort:

Effective leadership demonstrates compassion, confidence, positivity, and charisma when experiencing everyday challenges.  A leader is an honest, open-minded individual who plays to their strengths and builds an inclusive community by providing a safe environment to encourage personal development. 


If you have any questions about the Emerging Leaders Program or anything involving leadership development, please do not hesitate to contact: