Leadership Level 1
Leadership Level 1


The Dirigo Leadership Society aims to not only provide a platform for student leaders to learn, engage, and develop their leadership skills, it is also an area for seasoned leaders to share their stories and be recognized for their contributions to campus leadership.

Through a flexible curriculum, student leaders are able to select options and experiences that meet their schedules and developmental stages to be inducted into the Dirigo Leadership Society.  Students earn the honor of being inducted into the Dirigo Leadership Society after completed all 3 levels of the University of Maine System (UMS) Leadership Micro-Credential.

The Leadership Micro-Credential showcases your competency in skills related specifically to leadership, increasing your marketability to future employers. All UMS micro-credentials can be shared on social media and professional sites, such as LinkedIn as well as on your website, e-portfolio or resume! Learn more about UMS micro-credentials by visiting the UMS micro-credential website

The 3 leadership badges can be found below, including how to earn each badge and how/where to submit the proper documentation.  

Earning Criteria

• Attended a meeting with a UMS Leadership Center staff member to discuss leadership development opportunities on-campus or in the community or

• Completed an approved academic course (e.g. LDR 100), leadership workshop, activity, or meeting and received information on other leadership opportunities or

• Attended an approved Leadership conference or similar event and received information on other leadership opportunities


  • • Learner submitted documentation of participation in a club/organization/ program or participation was tracked by UMS faculty/staff. The learner met the standard set (e.g., received a B grade or better in the approved academic course).

    UMS faculty/staff verified attendance of approved activities/events and evidence.

Please submit your evidence/documentation for Level 1 here

Leadership Level 2

Earning Criteria

• Earned a Level 1 Leadership badge

• Completed an approved academic leadership course(s) with a B grade or better, beyond Level 1 or a UMS leadership training program, workshop series, and demonstrated leadership skills.

• Continued participation in a student or community club/organization, program, approved leadership or volunteer activity, served on Student Government and/or worked on or off-campus, beyond Level 1.
Volunteered or presented at a Leadership Conference or other approved Leadership event.


• UMS staff verified completion of approved leadership course/training/events.

• Learners submitted documentation of continued engagement in club/organization/program or were tracked by UMS faculty/staff.

• Learners completed a reflection (written or oral), self-reflecting on their leadership skill development and initiative

Evidence was approved and verified by a UMS faculty/staff member.

Please submit your evidence/documentation for Level 2 here

Leadership Level 3

Earning Criteria

• Earned Level 1 and Level 2 Leadership badges

• The learner earned the Education Design Lab’s Initiative Badge, demonstrating competency in the Initiative sub-competencies including: Leading without a title; demonstrating self-awareness; acting as a catalyst; and learning from experience.

• Successfully fulfilled the responsibilities of an approved leadership position/role, practicum, internship, or other applied leadership course or experience and received a positive review of their leadership skills.

• Reflected on the application of their leadership training and development


  • • The learner was tracked or submitted documentation of their positive review and demonstrated competency in fulfilling an approved leadership role. This documentation was verified by UMS faculty/staff.

    • The learners articulated the leadership skills they applied and strengthened while earning this micro-credential by reflecting on their applied leadership experience and review.

    The learner was assessed using the Education Design Lab Initiative rubric.

Please submit your evidence/documentation for Level 3 here


If you have any questions about the Dirigo Leadership Society or the Leadership Micro-Credentials, please do not hesitate to contact:

Colleen Frazier, Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Leadership Development at colleen.frazier@maine.edu