Employer FAQs

Q. How many hours are students allowed to work on campus?

A. While it is recommended that students only work 20 hours per week, departments may allow their students to work up to 30 hours per week. International students may only work 20 hours due to federal regulations.

Q. What paperwork is required when I hire a student?

A.The Student Employment Authorization Form must be filled out, signed by the time approver, the payroll processor and the student and turned in to the Office of Student Employment.

Please Note: The Authorization Form must be for the current academic year or summer — Old authorizations cannot be accepted. Check the date on the top of the authorization to confirm you are using the correct form.

If the student has not worked on-campus during the past 12 months, they must complete additional paperwork (Federal and State W-4, Federal I-9 and Direct Deposit Form) at the Office of Student Employment in Wingate Hall.

Q. Why do you need so many account numbers on the Student Authorization Form?

A.The account numbers we ask for on the Student Authorization Form correspond to the accounts used to pay students. The way the system is currently configured, we need both the MaineStreet numbers (Chartfield Combination), the 10-digit Department Accounting ID (the old FAST number) and the Dynamic Group in order to pay your students appropriately.

Q. How do I determine a student’s wage?

A. A student’s pay rate is determined by their Job Title and experience. Using the Job Classification List, choose the appropriate Job Title and the corresponding Pay Level. You will then refer to the Student Pay Scale to determine the pay rate. A newly hired student will begin at Step I of the Pay Level (e.g., a newly hired Student Administrative Aide I is categorized with a Pay Level I. They would begin at Pay Level I, Step I, or $10.00/hour). At the employer’s discretion, a student may begin working at Step II if the student has prior work experience or more qualifications for the Job Title (e.g., a newly hired Student Administrative Aide I who has prior work experience is categorized with a Pay Level I. If the employer chooses, the student could begin at Pay Level I, Step II, or $10.15/hour).

Q. How do I post a job on the Online Job Search CareerLink?

A. If you have a job you’d like to post and you are entered in CareerLink as an Employer, you should have a Username and Password. You may Log-In from the Online Job Search tab under Employer Log-In. If you are not sure if you are in the system or would like to be added to CareerLink to be able to post jobs, please contact the Office of Student Employment at 581-1349.

Q. I’m having trouble with CareerLink, what should I do?

A. Please review the employer guide and handbook here. If you are still having trouble with Careerlink after you review the guide for answers, please call the Office of Student Employment at (207) 581-1349.

Q. How do I tell if my student has Federal Work-Study?

A.Students who receive Federal Work-Study funds can view their award on MaineStreet under the “Financial Aid Award.” You can have the student print this screen and provide this to you as proof of their Work-Study award. Additionally, if you have hired a student already, check your earnings report to see if the student has Federal Work-Study and how much of it they’ve already earned. You can only view the award in this manner if the student has already begun working for you