Office of Student Employment Secure Document Upload


1. You may only submit one PDF at a time. However, feel free to merge several authorizations into one PDF and upload that way! Please title your authorizations with identifiers for your benefit and ours; for example, the PDF you upload should be titled FirstnameLastname_2019AY. If you are submitting multiple PDFs, use a title you would be able to reference. File names cannot contain special characters. If special characters are used, the document will not successfully upload to us. Special characters include the following:     ”   /     |   ?  :  * 

2. Either drag and drop the file into the Box below or click “Browse” to choose the name of the file you wish to upload.

3. IMPORTANT: Please only use a students’ name or ID as descriptors; no birth dates or SSNs. 

4. After submitting a file, you should see a screen that says, “Success! Your file has been uploaded.”  This confirms that we have received your document.

There is no need to contact our office to confirm receipt.