Roles & Responsibilities

There are three main roles associated with hiring of student employees: a Supervisor, a Payroll Processor, and a Time Approver. An individual can be all three of these roles if they have been given permission and have proper access in MaineStreet.

A student Supervisor is the primary overseer of the student employee(s). The Supervisor is the individual guiding and overseeing the student employee. A student Supervisor should be the primary contact for which the student should go for questions, concerns, tasks, et cetera. Please review the PDF below for details on your role as a supervisor.

Supervisor Roles & Responsibilities

A Time Approver, as stated above, can also be a supervisor and/or a Payroll Processor. The Time Approver is in charge of ensuring a student is paid on time. Review the PDF below for information on your role as a Time Approver.

Time Approver Roles & Responsibilities

A Payroll Processor can vary by department, but typically is in charge of the student hire’s paperwork, budgeting, and distribution. Review the PDF below for information on your role as a Payroll Processor.

Payroll Processor Roles & Responsibilities