Update: January 1st, 2021, Student Employment will only be accepting authorizations via the e-Hire tool  located within Mainestreet. The only exceptions to paper authorizations are when a department is hiring a student employee without a Mainestreet ID, i.e. Non-UMaine & Highschool Student. 

If your department is hiring a student employee without a Mainestreet ID, please reach out to us at student.employ@maine.edu or by calling us at 207.581.1349.

Electronic Authorizations

The e-Authorization “e-Auth” is an electronic hiring tool used to hire and re-hire student employees. The process is developed to assist in all campus’ goals to simplify the hiring process for student employees, reduce waste, and cut back on paper use.

Important: Please do not attempt to use the Student Hire e-Authorization process until you have completed some form of training.

Steps to accessing and using E-Hire:

  1. You, as the Payroll Processor, will need access to the E-Hire Tool on Mainestreet. To gain acccess, please reach out to us by email, student.employ@maine.edu or by calling us at 207.581.1349 to let us know that you need E-Hire access.
  2. Once your access has been processed, use the attached instructions to navigate to the E-Hire Tool.
  3. Request a training from Student Employment or Payroll if you have any questions.
  4. If your student is not showing up in the e-Hire system please note that this may be because they are a new hire and have never had a job with the University before. Please follow these instructions in order to complete an e-Auth. Notice: This only pertains to students who have a Mainestreet ID. Students who do not have a Mainestreet ID can not be hired using the Electronic Rehire Tool and a paper authorization must be used.
  5. You can complete a change form via E-Hire, to do this please refer back to the Electronic Rehire Tool Supervisor Training Guide located here.

Any questions can be forwarded to student.employ@maine.edu, or by leaving a voicemail for one of our Graduate Assistant at (207) 581-1349.