SOE Alum Noel Stevens talks with students about how economics is used in the energy industry

Noel Stevens spoke about what you can do with an economics degree in the world of consulting. In particular, he covered topics such as how energy efficiency policy evaluation uses primary research, statistical modeling, econometric analysis, and economic theory regularly to estimate net-to-gross, program energy and non-energy impacts, market acceptance of new technology, customer preferences, and behavioral impacts. The event was a great opportunity to network and learn about job opportunities in energy consulting.

Noel used to work at DNV/Kema and Opinion Dynamics, companies that have recruited many of our grad alumni, including Elyse Doyle, Aanthony Davis, Hannah Mariam, Rob Langdon, and Stephanie Whalley. Last year he started working at TRC, a national energy consulting firm. He works in the Advanced Energy group there.