Congratulations Graduating SOE & EES Undergraduate Students – UMaine Class of 2020

Congratulations graduating SOE and EES undergraduate students ! At this unusual time, we join the University of Maine Community and beyond in celebrating the accomplishments and resilience of the Class of 2020. While we are disappointed we will not be honoring your successes in person today, we are excited to help initiate the celebrations of your graduation. We especially recognize the achievements and hard work of the following SOE & EES undergraduate students:

Emilie Andersen (B.A. Psychology & Economics)

Devan Arnold (B.S. Financial Economics)

William Ball (B.S. Economics)

Brianna Blanke (B.A. Economics & Political Science)

Dalton Bouchles (B.S. Economics)

Austin Cashman (B.A. Economics)

Jeremiah Childs (B.A. Financial Economics)

Troy Cochran (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Sam Cooney (B.S. Economics)

Rylee Cushman (B.S. Financial Economics)

Chris Decker (B.S. Financial Economics)

Wyatt Dellavalle (B.A. International Affairs)

Brendan Dirgins (B.S. Finance & B.A. Financial Economics)

Anna Driscoll (B.A. Psychology & B.S. Economics)

Keegan Farrington (B.A. Economics & Political Science)

Luciano Fiore (B.A. Economics)

Troy Galarneau (B.A. Financial Economics)

Cliff Greco (B.A. History & Economics)

Sarah Hammond (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Abby Hargreaves (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Cole Hillis (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Seentia Islam (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Theodore Jans (B.S. Finance & B.A. Financial Economics)

Evan Jiang (B.A. Mathematics & B.S. Economics)

Tristin Joachim (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Rishab Kamath (B.S. Financial Economics)

Julia Kaplan (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Ashley Kayser (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Branden Kuusela (B.A. Economics)

Jake Lelievre (B.A. Economics)

Maxwell Mauro (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Noah Morris (B.A. International Affairs)

Abby Novak (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Jack O’Donoghue (B.S. Financial Economics)

Steven Phillips (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Joey Reed (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences & Economics)

Ally Reilly (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Jamison Rhoads-Doyle (B.A. Political Science & B.S. Economics)

Joey Romick Barrell (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences & Economics)

Dayna Shaw (B.A. Economics & Marketing)

Riann Shepherd (B.S. Medical Laboratory Sciences & B.A. Economics)

Karley Skutul (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Rob Smoloski (B.A. Economics)

Betsy Spear (B.S. Economics & Mathematics)

Hunter Stewart (B.S. Finance & B.A. Financial Economics)

Deven Teisl (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

Tanner Towle (B.S. Economics & Political Science)

Owen VanDerAa (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences & B.A. Economics)

Yvette Verdugo (B.S. Finance & B.A. Financial Economics)

Courtney Walker (B.S. Ecology & Environmental Sciences)

We wish you continued success and encourage you to stay in touch. We are here to help and hope we will be a part of your future. Celebrate your graduation and best wishes with all of your plans. Congratulations SOE Class of 2020 – you are in our hearts…always!  Go Black Bears!