Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships: A limited number of graduate assistantships are available through the School of Social Work, based on faculty research interest and funding. Students will be notified of assistantships in the School of Social Work as they become available. Newly accepted MSW students may contact the School to inquire about possible assistantships within the program.

Other graduate assistantships are also available through the Graduate School, Residential Life, the Division of Lifelong Learning, and other University of Maine departments. The Graduate School Assistantships Guide contains further information about assistantships in administrative departments, including how to search for open assistantship positions.

Scholarships: Several scholarships are available for graduate students at the University of Maine. Each year, the School of Social Work may nominate up to three current MSW students for Trustee Tuition Waivers. Canadian students who are graduates of an Atlantic Provinces college or university are eligible for the Atlantic Provinces Tuition Waiver. A limited number of Tuition Waiver Scholarships are also available to international students. Tuition waiver scholarships provide tuition scholarship for up to 18 credit hours. Visit the Graduate School Scholarships page for more information.

Other Financial Aid: Graduate students in good financial standing may be eligible for federal unsubsidized loans. For more information, please contact Student Financial Aid at (207) 581-1324 or, or visit their website.