Residence Services Coordinator for Brewer Housing Authority


Under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, the Services Coordinator is responsible for the planning and execution of various activities and needs of the elderly and non-elderly disabled residents of Public Housing in compliance with all applicable federal regulations.
The Service Coordinator is required to be knowledgeable in the Department of Housing and Urban Development Rules and Regulations as they pertain to services provided to the elderly and non- elderly disabled residents. It is essential the coordinator is aware of agency resources and ensures the residents that they have access to the services they need to live independently. In addition, the coordinator needs to keep abreast of all the legislative changes as they pertain to this segment of the population.


Assess residents’ needs and provide general case management, developing case plans in coordination with assessment services in the community, and maintain accurate client records on a consistent basis.

Serve as an advocate and/or mediator in obtaining services for the elderly and non-elderly disabled residents, and establish linkage with all agencies and service providers in the community.

Encourage and support clients through their health care provider to take an active role in their health care (i.e., scheduling medical appointments, taking medications on a regular schedule, proper nutrition). Educate residents on service availability, application procedures, and client rights.

Develop a directory of providers for use by both Public Housing Authority staff and residents.

Provide social support through organized activities, including various entertainment, special outings, group speakers, and regular social interaction with other residents, family, and friends that serve as life enrichment activities. In addition, set up volunteer support programs with service organizations in the community.

Enhance residents’ coping skills and provide necessary counseling or referrals when required. It is imperative the coordinator strives towards the empowerment and self-sufficiency of the client.

Scheduling of services (HA will provide), and ensuring the various systems currently in place, meet the needs of the residents.

Become familiar with elected and appointed officials and social work organizations to improve the lives of the residents and continually advocate for clients.

To provide training to Public Housing Authority residents in the obligation of tenancy or coordinate such training and to educate other staff on the management team regarding issues related to aging and service coordination.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Operations Manager.


In addition, the Service Coordinator must have a BS or BA degree in Social Work or Human Development with geriatrics training, or a minimum of five years experience in a related field, and strong advocacy skills, communication skills, both oral and written, and be able to perceive and thoroughly understand the residents’ various special needs.