Maine Children’s Trust accepting Proposals for Service

Maine Children’s Trust

Request for Proposals for Clinical Consultation Services

Maine Children’s Trust is seeking clinical consultation services for the staff of the Maine Families Home Visiting Program.  Services will be provided using a hybrid model of interactive video and in-person consultation. All standard services will be provided exclusively through interactive video until deemed safe to deliver in person during the pandemic.  After that time, clinical consultation services will be delivered monthly, with the format being in person at least quarterly.

[A] Scope of Service:

The clinician(s) will provide clinical consultation services, which include case consultations and topical educational presentations and/or guided discussions on regularly scheduled days each month.  Direct service staff (approximately 80 statewide) will access services in a group format 1.5 – 2 hours monthly at their individual local agency sites (group sizes may range between 2-12).  Supervisory and management staff will meet with the clinician individually or as a team monthly (typically 1-2 hours at each location).  Individual consultation will be available for staff experiencing a situation that is impacting their ability to serve families, which may be urgent (i.e. death of a client) or ongoing.  The individual work with any staff member would generally be limited to three sessions and be used to bridge the staff member to appropriate supports (EAP, private counseling).  Individual virtual consultation outside of scheduled site days would typically average about 12 hours per month.

The clinician(s) will support staff development through observing staff dynamics and developing and leading team discussions and exercises that promote a cohesive team approach and may address issues such as group dynamics, handling critical feedback, accountability, developing a professional growth mindset, family support ethics, transference and countertransference, unique challenges to working in a home-based setting, and implementation of evidence-based practices.

The clinician(s) will provide clinical consultation to LSW Conditional and/or newly licensed LSW staff in a group of up to eight virtually for up to four hours/mo.  The clinician will also offer group clinical to the program managers as a group once per month virtually (2 hours), as well as to the supervisors and team leads as a group once per month virtually (2 hours).

Maine Families local agency site locations (11) where in-person services would be delivered quarterly currently include Sanford, South Portland, Waldoboro, Lewiston, Farmington, Waterville, Bangor, Waldo, Ellsworth, Presque Isle and Machias.

[B] Eligibility:  We are seeking services from an LCSW or LCSW group practice with training and experience in family dynamics, family services, infant mental health, family violence, substance misuse, mental health challenges, working with disparate populations, secondary trauma and trauma-informed care.  Excellent group facilitation skills are required.

 [C] Work Performance:

Performance of this work will be managed contractually. The clinician(s) will report monthly to MCT the dates and types (group, individual) of all encounters with the contracted agencies.

[D] Proposed Budget:  The budget proposal may be a bundled amount or a standard budget and should include clinical time for:

  • Clinical Consultation Services for monthly groups of family visitors at each of 11 local sites @ 2hours each
  • Clinical Consultation Services for monthly individual and/or group consultation for managers and supervisors at each of 11 local sites @ 1-3 hours depending on number of administrators
  • Availability to provide (including same day response M-F 8 am. to 4 p.m. for urgent requests) individual consultation for Maine Families staff @ average of 12 hours per month


  • Travel time for clinician to travel to each Maine Families local agency site one time per quarter @ reduced per hour clinical rate
  • Travel expenses to travel to each Maine Families local agency site one time per quarter to be reimbursed @ the state travel reimbursement rate (currently $.45/mile)
  • Cost of a secure platform for interactive video conferencing (Zoom Pro)

Proposals that would provide statewide clinical service are preferred, but proposals that provide regional coverage (minimum of three agencies) may be considered.

Questions regarding this proposal must be submitted in writing by September 18th.  Written responses will be posted on the week of September 21st.  Letters of intent to bid are due by September 30th and should be submitted to the email address following.  Proposals are due on October 15, 2020.  All communication and submissions must be submitted through .

There will be a series of interviews for finalists. The final contract award will be negotiated at the time of award.  The contract period will begin as of the signature date, continue through September 30, 2022 and may be renewable upon successful performance and funding availability.