Bias in the Classroom

Resources that just might give you some new perspective on the impact of gender on faculty and students.

The Classroom Climate: A Chilly one for Women? A report of the American Association of Colleges by Bernice Sandler and Roberta Hall, produced as part of the Project on the Status and Education of Women (1982).

Gender Scripts: Evaluation of Men and Women Professors A presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman, Purdue University Center for Faculty Success

It’s Lonely: Perspectives from Female Undergraduate Students in STEM at UMaine: This 2015 presentation features the findings from a study conducted at the University of Maine by Dr. Janet Fairman and Dr. Mary Madden.

Microaggressions: Addressing Bias in the Classroom (2018). Presentation by Dr. Susan Gardner and Dr. Karen Pelletreau explores the importance of students’ sense of belonging in the classroom, and illustrates how subtle words and actions can negatively impact learning outcomes.