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About Us - Rising Tide Center Partners and Affiliates

UMaine and UMS Partners

Internal Advisory Council (IAC): This faculty group provides guidance and support to the Director of the Rising Tide Center, ensuring that the perspectives of faculty in each academic unit are considered in developing and implementing equity initiatives.

Provost’s Council on Advancing Women Faculty (PCAWF): The Advance Initiatives Council, or AIC, was formed in March 2009 to serve as the internal advisory committee for the ADVANCE project at UMaine. This group has been invaluable in focusing the efforts of the Rising Tide Center, particularly by supporting discussion of broader issues that affect the recruitment and retention of women faculty in all disciplines at UMaine.

The AIC evolved into the Provost’s Council on the Advancement of Women Faculty (PCAWF) in the fall of 2016, and now fulfills an advisory role to the Provost as he seeks to foster a supportive and equitable climate at UMaine.

Rising Tide Advocates & Allies: These male faculty are important partners because at they recognize that at UMaine, everyone has a role to play in advancing gender equity. Advocates and Allies are prepared to recognize and respond to unconscious biases that negatively impact faculty diversity and retention.  As individuals, they stand ready to question practices that result in disparate impact due to gender, and to recommend more equitable practices in their departments and their colleges to foster a fair and positive campus climate for all faculty.

Rising Tide Professors: Representatives from each of UMaine’s colleges will serve as ambassadors to the Rising Tide Center to support achievement of gender equity goals within their academic units. The Rising Tide professors will be appointed for 1-2 years based on competitive proposals for transformative activities and initiatives within their college, and during their tenure will serve on the internal advisory board for the Rising Tide Center.

Maine EPSCoR Logo in colorMaine EPSCoR: Networking opportunities have been shown to increase collaboration and to decrease isolation while facilitating scholarly productivity, a key criterion for professional advancement.  The ADVANCE annual networking conference for women faculty from UMS and other higher education institutions across Maine facilitates collaboration in research and teaching, reduces professional isolation among women scientists, and provides an opportunity for professional development. Maine EPSCoR has been a dedicated supporter of Rising Tide initiatives, particularly our signature annual event, Advancing Women in Academia.

University of Maine Human Resources: Our Human Resources partners have been critical in institutionalizing evidence-based best practices intended to advance women faculty at UMaine while creating a positive and supportive campus environment.

University of Maine Office of Equal Opportunity: The director and the staff of Equal Opportunity have supported the Rising Tide Center and served as  valued partners in the review of policies and the implementation of new initiatives designed to ensure a fair and equitable climate for all faculty.

Rising Tide Affiliates

Maine Career Connect mcc logo
Research has shown that a lack of professional employment opportunities for trailing partners negatively impacts faculty recruitment and retention.  This innovative model established a consortium of employers committed to recruiting and retaining employee talent in eastern and central Maine.  Maine Career Connect works with employers throughout the interview process, and meets with candidates’ families to mitigate concerns regarding a move to Maine.

In addition, the dual career support offered to newly relocated professionals facilitates hiring of outstanding employees seeking fulfilling opportunities for their partners. With employer referrals, candidates have access to a range of career support services, including matching with potential employers based on employment history, preferences, and qualifications. Professional development, career counseling and resume review are also available at no charge through Maine Career Connect.


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