Graduate Research

All Master of Science in Teaching students complete an education research thesis prior to graduation. For a listing of completed MST thesis projects, click here.

STEM Education PhD students complete an MST thesis as well as continuing the work in order to complete a dissertation. There are currently two PhD students working toward thesis and dissertation projects. Camden Bock is working toward his Master’s thesis in the area of virtual reality software as a tool for geometry instruction with advisor Justin Dimmel. Kate Hayes completed her MST thesis in 2009 and is currently working toward her dissertation focused on classroom assessment practices, with advisor Michael Wittmann.

Physics PhD students in the Physics Education Research Laboratory complete a dissertation in physics education research. Current students include Abolaji Akinyemi, Kate Hayes, Thanh Le, Benjamin Schermerhorn, J. Caleb Speirs, and Kevin van de Bogart. More information on their research can be found at the PERL website.