Education Research Projects

Integrating Computing Into Science Teaching and Learning in Grades 6-8, PI Susan McKay, Co-PIs Mitchell Bruce, James Fratini, Sara Lindsay, Harlan Onsrud, $1.25 million. A poster about the project can be found here.

Maine Physical Sciences Curriculum Partnership (DRL 0962805), PI Susan McKay, Co-PIs Mitchell Bruce, John Thompson, Michael Wittmann, Owen Maurais, $14.4 million

A Model NSF Teaching Fellowship Program (DUE 1557320), PI Susan McKay, Co-PIs Heather Rockwell, MacKenzie Stetzer, Michelle Smith, Eric Pandiscio, $1.9 million

Improving the Preparation of Students to Teach Undergraduate Mathematics (DUE 1432381), PI Jack Bookman, Co-PIs Douglas Ensley, Natasha Speer, Lloyd Douglas, Linda Braddy, $901,240

Mathematics Capstone Course Resources: Preparing Secondary School Mathematics Teachers (DUE 1504551), PI Shandy Hauk, Co-PIs Eric Hsu, Natasha Speer, $250,000

Collaborative Research: Examining the Development of Student Reasoning Skills Through Scaffolded Physics Instruction, (DUE 1431857), PI Mila Kryjevskaia, $176,147

The Future of Four Seasons in Maine: a Scientist-Student-Teacher Partnership, Sarah Nelson, $78,773

Workforce Development: Helping UMaine Faculty Develop Classroom Activities that Prepare Students for Skills Needed in Maine’s Science Careers, PI Michelle Smith, $67,704.

Continuing the Conversation in DBER: The Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education (TRUSE) Conference Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education, PI Warren Christensen, Co-PIs Chris Rasmussen, Marcy Towns, John Thompson, $37,342

Collaborative Research: Research on Learning and Teaching at the Physics-Mathematics Interface, (PHY 1405616), PI Joseph Wagner, $20,614