University of Maine Research Administration

What is the impact on proposal deadlines and award actions/subawards?

Our federal sponsors are monitoring the situation closely and may extend application deadlines if conditions associated with COVID-19 worsen. If federal agencies officially close, submitted proposals will most likely remain in a queue and awards may be delayed, pending resumption of normal operations, as has been the case during federal budget-related shutdowns. Find research-related updates online at this link.

How should I notify my grantor of programmatic impacts and request project extensions?

All communications with external sponsors regarding project impacts from COVID-19 must be coordinated with the Office of Research Administration. Please provide your ORA central office representative with any proposed communication for review. Contact information:; 581.1484

Should I notify my sponsor if certain project activities of a funded research project cannot be completed or have to be suspended as a result of COVID-19?

Yes. Please coordinate any communication to a sponsor with ORA. Examples of impact include: canceling a funded conference, inability to conduct fieldwork because of travel restrictions, inability to meet the scheduled deliverables or aims/goals/SOW, absence of PI or key person for more than 90 days. Contact information:; 581.1484

Are travel cancellation costs due to COVID-19 allowable as direct charges to sponsored projects?

Find research-related updates online at this link. Make sure to document these unanticipated costs for potential recovery.

Will the Office of Research Administration’s proposal submission timeline be waived for proposals related to the study of COVID-19?

Given the urgency of federal agencies and other sponsors to immediately begin studies related to COVID-19 and its long term effects, the university will prioritize all such proposal opportunities. Please begin by submitting your Notice of Intent in PARS. Upon receipt, ORA will coordinate with the Office of Research Development and other offices to mobilize all available resources to assist with the submission.

Have funding agencies released specific guidance?

Find an updated list of funding agency guidance and other research-related updates online at this link.

Is UMaine’s Office of Research Administration available to assist other UMS campuses with COVID-19-related questions pertaining to sponsored activity?

As needed, UMaine’s Office of Research Administration is available to provide assistance to UMS campuses, faculty and staff for COVID-19-related questions pertaining to sponsored activity. Such inquiries can be directed to; 207.581.1484.