Themed Housing Communities

For some first-year students, coming to college can be a tough transition.  We understand that the university campus can feel very large, so we have intentionally designed smaller themed communities within our residence halls.  Being part of one of these themed communities allows you to move into a residence hall where you already know that you’ll have something in common with all of your neighbors.  The Residence Life staff members who run each residence hall intentionally partner with faculty and staff from across the university to provide fun programs and academic help for the students living in these halls, all based around the theme of that community.

Our themed communities (also called Living Learning Communities) are described below.

When you complete your housing application you can apply for up to two of these communities.  You will be asked to submit a short essay answering the following two questions: What do you hope to gain by being part of this Living Learning Community, and what do you plan to contribute to this Living Learning Community?

When housing assignments become available (July 1) you will receive an email via your university email account if you are accepted into one of our themed communities.

Any questions about the communities can be directed to the First Year and Transfer Center at 581.1420.

Any questions about the housing application can be directed to Housing Services at 581.4580.

Substance Free Housing is designed for students who are intentionally seeking an environment where they will be free from the pressures or effects of drug and alcohol use. These students sign an additional contract committing to a substance free lifestyle while they live in this community. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the third and fourth floors of Aroostook Hall.

Outdoor Adventure is designed for students who, as the title suggests, love the outdoors. There is no specific major required for the community, just a passion for outdoor activities of all kinds. Residential staff working in this community will also have an appreciation for outdoor activities and fun. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the third and fourth floors of Kennebec Hall.

Engineering and Technology is designed for students entering the College of Engineering, or who are majoring in Computer Science. By housing students in these majors together, they will be able to form a cooperative learning environment, benefit from study groups housed on their floor, and build connections with students who will be in their classes throughout their academic career at UMaine. Residential staff working in this community will also be of a similar major and will be able to model for students the skills needed to succeed in this academic area. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the second floor of Oxford Hall.

Support for Science Students, otherwise known as S^3, is a program designed to promote a sense of community and cooperation amongst first-year students in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture. These students not only live together, but also are often in the same courses. This makes it very easy for these students to get together with classmates at night to work on homework or to prepare for exams. S^3 offers a variety of activities to students, including Bio 100 Exam prep sessions, Acadia hikes, and science-based competitions. The ultimate goal of S^3 is to help science students form support systems that will last throughout their careers here at UMaine. Residential staff working in this community will also be majoring in the sciences, and thus can be role models for their residential students. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the fourth floor of Oxford Hall.

Leave Your Print is dedicated to students in the College of Education and Human Development.  This dynamic community has been designed specifically to provide team building activities, professional development opportunities, and focused learning experiences supporting students in the COEHD studying Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Athletic Training, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and Child Development.  Residential staff working in this community will also be upper-level students within the College of Education and Human Development who can help students new to the college gain a better understanding of their academic program. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the fourth floor of Gannett Hall. We will also have a sophomore Leave Your Print community on the first floor of Hancock Hall.

Green Living is designed for students who believe that it is important to live a low-impact life. Residence Life and Green Campus Initiative staff members will work together to promote sustainable living practices and provide opportunities to learn about various aspects of sustainability, which will include Zero Sort Recycling education, campus compost facility and greenhouse tours, lectures about topics in sustainability and environmental sciences, volunteering in UMaine and nearby community sustainability initiatives, gardening, developing sustainable programs for the university, and more. Additionally, Green Living aims to create a strong sense of community in which its residents feel comfortable and connected to their peers. For 2018-2019 this community is assigned to the fourth floor of Androscoggin Hall.