2019 Undergraduate Assistantship Awardees

Coldwater selection for fast growth of American oysters in Downeast Maine

PI: Brian Beal, Director of the Marine Science Field Station, University of Maine at Machias Collaborator: Heather Leslie, UM Darling Marine Center The goal of this project is to produce a fast-growing, disease-resistant American oyster that will grow to commercial size in 2-3 years in the cold waters of eastern Maine, finally allowing this region […]

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Expansion and Testing of a Habitat Selection Model for a Globally Threatened Bird Species on Industrial Forestland

PI: Neil Thompson, Forestry, University of Maine at Fort Kent Collaborators: Amber Roth, UM School of Forest Resources; Carol Foss, New Hampshire Audubon; Patricia Wohner, Cuckoo Conservation Initiative; Jason Johnston, UMPI The Rusty Blackbird is a threatened species that was recently listed as a Special Concern in Maine. To predict their nesting habitat in northern […]

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RADAR Stethoscope for Non-Contact Heart Beat Detection

PI: Nuri Emanetoglu, UM Electrical and Computer Engineering Collaborators: Herbert Aumann, UM Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Robert Bowie, M.D., Medical Director Bangor Fire EMS This project proposes the development of a prototype for a Doppler radar non-contact stethoscope for use in situations where a medical professional must listen to a heart, but direct skin […]

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