Grants Academy FY23

Supporting early career faculty and researchers with grant proposal development, creating networks, and expanding collaboration possibilities across UMS.

Lauren Azevedo-Schmidt, UMaine Post-doc; School of Biology and Ecology
Alessia Battigelli, UMaine Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kat Buckley, USM Director of Art Exhibitions and Outreach
Prabuddha Chakraborty, UMaine Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Erin Crowley-Champoux, USM Lecturer in Anthropology
Kiley Daley, UMaine Research Associate Climate Change Institute
Julie DellaMattera, UMaine Associate Professor of Early Childhood Dev and Education
Stacey Elmore, UMFK Assistant Professor of Environmental and Arctic Studies
Esther Enright, UM Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Sadie Ferreira, MMA Associate Professor of Engineering
Natallie Gentles-Gibbs, USM Assistant Professor Social Work
Kimberly Giamportone, USM Assistant Professor Social Work
Katherine Glover, UMaine Associate Climate Change Institute
Patricia Goodhines, UMaine Assistant Professor of Psychology
Amalia Harrington, UMaine Maine Sea Grant
Lauren Holleb, UMA Assistant Professor of Mental Health and Human Services
Sarah Jackson, UMaine Post-doc; School of Forest Resources
Jessica Jansujwicz, UMaine Assistant Professor Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology
Bill Jenkins, UMPI Associate Professor of Psychology
Izzy Lattke, UMF Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biology
Nick MacDonald, UMM Lecturer Business
Tomas Marangoni, UMaine Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kathleen McGovern, USM Assistant Professor of Literacy, Language, and Culture
Victor Ortega-Jimenez, UMaine Assistant Professor of Integrative Avian Bio.& Biomechanics
Elizabeth Potter-Nelson, UMF Assistant Professor of Physics and Science Education
Daniel Puhlman, UMaine Assistant. Professor of Family Studies
Jessica Riccardi, UMaine Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Mark Royer, UMPI Assistant Professor of Comp Science
Brendyn Sarnacki, MMA Associate Professor of Engineering
Kristin Schild, UMaine Assistant Professor Climate Change Institute
Haley Schneider, UMaine Assistant Professor Communication and Journalism
Nicole Siffrinn, USM Assistant Professor of Literacy, Language, and Culture
Justin Stevens, UMaine Maine Sea Grant
Andres Urcuqui-Bustamante, UMaine Post-doc; School of Forest Resources/Bio & Ecology
Amrit Verma, UMaine Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Jiaze Wang, UMaine Assistant Professor School of Earth and Climate Sciences
Xinyuan Wei, UMaine Post-doc Wheatland Lab, School of Forest Resources
Zhao Xuan, UMaine Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences