HELP Callboxes

These callboxes can be used for any kind of assistance, as well as to report any incident, including:

  • Crimes
  • Suspicious personscallbox
  • Lost, found or stolen property
  • Car trouble
  • Medical problems
  • Fire
  • Request a personal escort

All callboxes connect directly to the Communications Center at the UMaine Police Department.

Outdoor Callbox Locations

All callboxes are marked by a highly visible blue light on the top of the stanchion. This blue strobe light will flash when you push the call button, as a quick visual signal for assistance.

map of callbox locations
The UMaine Map lists callbox locations under the Emergency category. View the UMaine Map
  1. Alfond Arena lot — north end
  2. Memorial Gym lot — west side center
  3. Steam Plant lot — east side by College Av.
  4. Bennett lot by Cutler Health Center
  5. Munson Rd. by Lengyel Hall
  6. Munson Rd. and Moosehead Rd. intersection
  7. Grove Street Ext. — Hitchner Hall
  8. Grove Street Ext. — Sawyer Environmental
  9. Belgrade Rd. lot
  10. Jenness Hall lot — center
  11. Rangeley Rd. — Facilities Management
  12. Rangeley Rd. — Ornamental Gardens
  13. Bike Trail  — south of University Park
  14. Bike Trail — south end by Stewart Commons lot
  15. Nutting Hall lot
  16. Hilltop lot — west side
  17. Hilltop lot — northeast side by Concert Park
  18. Hilltop lot — northwest side by Recreation Center
  19. Hilltop lot — south section
  20. CCA/PM lot — north side
  21. The Mall —- between N Stevens and Little Halls
  22. The Mall — east side of Lord Hall
  23. Portage Rd. — south of Farm Store and east of Hitchner Hall
  24. Aroostook lot — basketball court
  25. York Village (east side) — by Building 5
  26. Schoodic Rd. and Sebec Rd. intersection
  27. East Annex — Advanced Manufacturing Center area
  28. Long Rd. by Student Innovation Center
  29. Rogers Hall by Fogler Library
  30. Memorial Union — north side by Stevens lot
  31. Collins Center for the Arts — east side
  32. Long Rd. and Gym Dr.

Indoor Callbox Locations

  • Fieldhouse – south entrance
  • Neville Hall – Lobby by Room 100
  • Memorial Union – by information booth
  • Little Hall lobby
  • Barrows Hall
  • Wingate Hall elevator
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Class of 1944 Hall – second floor by the practice rooms