Safety Programs

  • Residence Hall Security: Crime prevention, safety, and security programs are presented in each residence hall throughout the year. Resident Assistants initiate the programs by contacting the Police Department. The officer assigned to the dormitory area that requests the program generally conducts the program. A week prior to the beginning of the fall semester, the police officers conduct safety and security briefings with the Residence Life Staff.
  • Emergency Telephones: All indoor and outdoor emergency telephones are linked directly to the Police Department to provide fast, efficient response via Enhanced 9-1-1
  • Electronic Alarm Systems:A computer-based electronic monitoring system, located at the Police Department, monitors a comprehensive network of panic, environmental, intrusion, robbery, and fire alarms. The Police Department has increasingly had significant input into the design of new and renovated campus facilities as those designs relate to physical and electronic security systems.
  • Security Survey: Comprehensive building security surveys are conducted by UMaine Police Officers upon request.
  • Crime Prevention Publicity: Crime prevention articles and materials are routinely published in the student newspaper, employee newsletter, and broadcast on the University’s student radio station and Campus Living television channel
  • Rape Awareness, Education, and Prevention: In cooperation with the UMaine Safe Campus Project, numerous rape awareness, education, and prevention presentations are made each year to members of the campus community. An officer is currently assigned as a member of the Safe Campus Committee and does presentations not only with the committee, but also on request of any organization
  • The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Program is a comprehensive self-defense program for women. This program is taught nationwide and in some Canadian provinces. The program was designed specifically for women, and focuses on the particular strengths and abilities of women. Students are provided with the knowledge and ability to survive a sexual assault through lecture, discussion, and the learning of physical techniques. This program is unique in many ways, including the fact that we believe no one decision is right for every woman
  • Bicycle Registration Program: A bicycle registration program is available to any student or employee. Residence hall registration programs are conducted, upon request, by a police officer throughout the year. The University of Maine provides a metallic decal to be affixed to the bicycle. A card is filled out with the pertinent information on the bicycle, then the card is maintained at Public Safety
  • Alcohol Awareness Program:The Police Department conducts several alcohol awareness programs throughout the school year. Programs focus on Maine laws, the consequences of violating the laws, how the offices will respond to any violation, and how problems can be avoided by contacting the Police Department for answers, prior to becoming involved with questionable alcohol related activities. Because Maine law requires a mandatory forty-eight- hour jail sentence for persons convicted of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, special emphasis is given to driver responsibilities. Agencies both on and off campus that provide substance abuse counseling are also discussed as resources to persons with alcohol or drug related problems. Additionally, participants in the class are briefed on the University’s drug and alcohol policy