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On-Campus firearms guide


Weapons Policy:

Policy Statement:

Weapons and ammunition are potential safety hazards. Possession, use, or display of a weapon or ammunition are inappropriate in an academic community for any reason other then protection of University of Maine employees, facility, students, and members of the public invited on campus as allowed by law, board of trustees policies, and policies of the University of Maine.

Definitions of Weapons and Ammunition:

A weapon is defined as: an instrument of offensive or defensive combat, something to fight with, and is generally any device capable of projecting a ball, pellet, arrow, bullet, missile, shell, or other material.  This shall include, but not limited to, firearms, bows, rockets, and slingshots. Ammunition is any material capable of being projected by a weapon and makes the weapon operational.

Weapons and Ammunition Prohibition:

1. No weapon or ammunition shall be worn, displayed, used, or possessed on campus.

2. Weapons must be stored if on campus under the control of the Chief and in accordance with the policy and procedure of the Police Department.

3. The Police Chief of the University of Maine Police Department may grant permission in writing to an individual to possess a weapon or ammunition on campus for instructional purposes and in other special circumstances and under conditions approved by the Police Chief.


Any employee, faculty, student, or other representative of the University of Maine who violates this policy shall be notified of the violation and subject to disciplinary sanctions under the applicable discipline process.

Any member of the public who violates this policy shall be notified of the violation and asked to comply. If the public member will not comply, the individual shall be removed from campus and subject to all legal penalties, including the criminal trespass provision under Maine Law.


All currently licensed law enforcement officers are exempt from this policy.


Although there is a “no weapons” policy on the UMaine campus, we have a number of students who live on campus that use firearms and bows for hunting and sporting purposes. We want to provide on campus students with safe secure storage so that they can enjoy hunting when they have free time.

  • Only unloaded Weapons will be stored at UMPD! If you are found with a firearm in your room, or in your vehicle, this is a conduct code violation and you will be referred to the conduct office for adjudication.
  • Only hunting or target weapons will be stored at UMPD.
  • Your weapon must be unloaded and in a gun case (preferably soft) for storage at UMPD. This is to ensure the safety of the UMPD personnel handling the weapon, and to minimize the occurrence of an accidental discharge.
  • Each student will be allowed to store one weapon at a time. We have limited space and ask that you bring only the weapon that you will be using for the time being. You can always exchange out your weapon for another.
  • There will be a records check of the weapon and individual upon initial storage and final removal. A picture ID MUST be presented when removing your weapon.
  • It MUST also be in the case when being transported on, or off campus. We will not release your weapon to anyone other than who the weapon is registered to. Please do not ask friends, or relatives to retrieve your weapon for you.

*Reviewed by Student Life and University Counsel – June 2019




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