UMPD Safety Tips

General tips:

  • At night, if at all possible, don’t walk alone, stay in well lit areas, and populated areas. (Avoid short cuts) Always let a friend know where you are and where you’re going.
  • Learn your surroundings (Street names, building names, where emergency callboxes are located, etc…)
  • Always make sure your vehicle windows are up and doors always locked. Avoid leaving valuables inside or visible within your vehicle.
  • If living on campus make a second copy of your car key. If you lock yourself out of your vehicle you will have a spare key available in your room.
  • Always lock your bicycle or motorcycle when leaving it unattended. (Even if unattended for a minute.)
  • If you witness a crime, something out of the ordinary or just suspicious, don’t hesitate to call UMPD (207-581-4040) or find your nearest emergency callbox phone and report it.
  • Don’t ever leave valuables unattended  (purses, wallets, laptops, cameras, book bags, etc…).
  • Program UMPD’s dispatch number into your cell phone (207-581-4040).
  • Never leave a party or a bar with someone you just met
  • Never accept mixed drinks or open drinks from anyone.
  • Immediately report any type of property damage (Example: broken windows, locks, door, etc…).

On-Campus Living Student Tips:

  • Never leave your door propped, not even for a minute (Example: going to the bathroom or across the hall to see another resident).
  • Never allow strangers or unauthorized people into your room.
  • Learn who your Resident Assistants and Deeded Police Officer are and how to contact them.
  • Learn who lives in your building and report any unattended unauthorized person within your Residential Hall.
  • Never lend out your MaineCard or your room key to anyone.
  • If a guest is visiting you for the night, always escort them around and remember you’re responsible for their actions and behavior.
  • Never let strangers or unauthorized people into your Residential Hall.


  • If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, register your bicycle and/or your car keys with UMPD.
  • If new on campus, pick up a campus map at UMPD or by going to the online campus map
  • Never hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers
  • Protect your property by labeling everything with your name or initials (Example: text books, DVDs, electronics, clothes, laptops, etc…)
  • If visiting campus, stop by the Student Services located in the Memorial Union or UMPD and pick up a free visitor parking permit. UMPD dispatcher will explain to you where you can park.
  • If bringing a firearm on campus, IMMEDIATELY register it and leave it at UMPD. Please review the UMPD Firearms Policy.
  • If you lock yourself out of your vehicle or need a “jump start” for your battery, contact UMPD and an officer will assist you.