Campus Eyes


The University of Maine police need YOUR help in stopping crime on campus.
If you have information about a crime or other improper activity and would like to report it anonymously, please use the form below. Please note this e-mail is NOT monitored continuously!

UPDATE:  Recently, we’ve received a lot of complaints about smoking in the dormitory.  This is a reminder that Campus Eyes should not be used to report smoking in the dormitory complaints.  Please refer those issues to your respective Residence Advisor (RA) and/or Residence Life.

If this activity is happening now, please call 581-4040 campus to report it anonymously. Tell the dispatcher you are making a Campus Eyes anonymous report.

When this form is e-mailed, you will not be identifiable, by the recipient, who is a UMaine Police Department employee.

Note: In order for police to investigate this anonymous report, a victim must be identified along with the nature of the alleged crime.


This mailbox is not monitored continuously! If something is happening now, call UMPD at 581-4040 or 9-1-1 for an emergency!

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