Towing Policy (section G of the full Rules and Regulations) 

1. A vehicle may be towed or immobilized and stored at the owner’s expense without further notice when found in any of the following situations:

  • When it is parked within twenty (20) feet of a fire hydrant or overextending in parking lots in a manner as to impede fire-fighting efforts.
  • When it obstructs traffic or is parked on a roadway, driveway, loading zone, service vehicle space, electric vehicle space, fire lane, or an accessible parking area including adjacent striping without special permission. Note: Van-accessible handicap parking spaces include the stripes next to the space with the wheelchair symbol.
  • When a vehicle has remained in an area that has been closed at the direction of Parking and Transportation Services, for snow removal, maintenance or a special event.
  • When it has been abandoned as reasonably determined by the Parking Office.
  • When it has been parked continuously for more than three (3) days in violation of any of these Rules.
  • When it is parked on unpaved or turf areas.
  • When it is parked on sidewalk or obstructs a crosswalk.
  • When it is in violation of permit issued (improper parking area).
  • When it does not display valid state registration plates.
  • When it is parked in a place other than a color-coded lot.
  • When the vehicle has over $200 or more of unpaid citations.
  • When the vehicle is found with an unauthorized permit that has been altered, found, stolen, or counterfeited.
  • When it is parked during vacation periods and its registered owner has not been authorized to do so.
  • When there are three (3) or more outstanding citations against it or other notices of violations, each of which has been outstanding and redeemed for not less than seven (7) calendar days.

2. A vehicle will not be released until the individual requesting its release presents satisfactory evidence of his or her right to possession and signs accordingly. In addition, it will not be released until a Parking and Transportation Services or their duly authorized representative, certifies that all fees, fines and other charges (including, all costs of towing, notices and storage) have been paid.

3. Our contracted towing service is Sullivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. All tow fees, holds and services are handled through Sullivan’s Automotive directly.

They are located at: 84 Airport Rd. Old Town, ME 04468

Dispatch Office Phone : (207) 827-2413 / Fax : (207) 827-3616
Business Office Phone : (207) 817-0142 / Fax : (207) 817-0143

Business Office Phone : 207.817.0142 / Fax : 207.817.0143