University of Maine Parking & Transportation Services

FAQ & Need-to-know Information

  • Can I park in timed visitor or metered parking?

If you are a student or staff member, then no.  Metered and timed visitor parking is for visitors to this campus only.

  • Can I use a fire lane to unload groceries for a few minutes?

No.  Parking in fire lanes is not permitted for any length of time.  That said, we do not consider the vehicle “parked” if someone (including a friend) is inside the vehicle, with the keys, ready to move it.  If someone cannot stay with the vehicle, 30 minute loading zones are available by dorms buildings, and can be used with a permit from Parking & Transportation Services.

  • How can I be ticketed if there are no parking spaces? 

The University of Maine running out of parking spaces is extremely rare and unlikely, and we will make special allowances if it does occur.  We can not, however, insure that there are always parking spaces in the students’ preferred lots.  Parking spaces are consistently available in the Satellite Lot, the Hilltop Commuter Lot, and the York Village Lot.  Regularly updated counts of parking spaces on campus can be found by calling 207-581-INFO(4636).

  • I’m arriving on campus after 4:00 pm.  Where can I get a parking pass? 

You can obtain a temporary day pass from the kiosk in The University of Maine Police Department’s lobby.   You will need your license plate number when using the kiosk.