University of Maine Parking & Transportation Services

FAQ & Need-to-know Information

Can I park in a timed visitor parking space?

If you are a student or staff member, then no. Timed visitor parking is for visitors to this campus only and a visitor pass is required. 

Can I park in a mobile pay space?

Yes, visitors, students and staff are all welcome to park in mobile pay space as long as the time has been paid for. All those in violation i.e. no payment or over time parking will be cited. 

Can I use a fire lane to unload groceries for a few minutes?

No. Parking in fire lanes is not permitted for any length of time. That said, we do not consider the vehicle “parked” if someone (including a friend) is inside the vehicle, with the keys, ready to move it. If someone cannot stay with the vehicle, 30 minute loading zones are available by dorms buildings, and can be used with a permit from Parking & Transportation Services. A loading zone pass can be picked up at the Parking Office or sent electronically to be printed and used in the vehicle. 

I’m guaranteed a warning on my first violation, correct?

No, warnings are not guaranteed on your first violation.  Citations are issued when a vehicle is found to be in violation of the Rules and Regulations.

How can I be ticketed if there are no parking spaces? 

The University of Maine running out of parking spaces is extremely rare and unlikely, and we will make special allowances if it does occur. We cannot, however, ensure that there are always parking spaces in the students’ preferred lots. Parking spaces are consistently available in the Satellite Lot, the Hilltop Commuter Lot, and the York Village Lot. Regularly updated counts of parking spaces on campus can be found by calling 207.581.INFO(4636) or visiting our space count website on the SideKick app or here:

I would like to register my bicycle. What do I do? 

You can register your bicycle at the University Police Department. When you stop in at UMaine PD they will give you a registration sticker and also log all your bicycle information at that time.

I’m arriving on campus after 4:00 pm. Where can I get a parking pass? 

Lots are open to the public Monday – Friday after 4:00 pm only and on the weekends. Please see Winter Parking Ban if you plan to be on campus after midnight any day between November 1st to May 1st.  

I see a citation on my Bursar Account, but it’s not dated the same as my citation. Why? 

When a citation is issued it stays with the Parking Office for payment. However, after 14+ days left unpaid it is then transferred to the Bursar Office for collections. The date showing on your Bursar account is the date it posted to your account not the issue date of the citation itself. You can also see your citations information under your account on the Parking Portal.

Can I add another vehicle or update my current vehicle on my account? 

Yes, you can add vehicles to your account through the online portal. Enter the portal as you would to purchase a permit but look for the “VEHICLES” button on the top left-hand corner. 

You can then manage your account by adding new vehicles or updated current ones. If you have purchased a new vehicle and plan to use the same plate you should update the year, make, model, color and style of the vehicle when you begin driving the new vehicle. 

Click here for the parking portal link.

Can I update my address, phone number and email on my account? 

Yes, you can manage your account through our online portal. Once logged in you can click on your name in the top right-hand corner. Select “manage your account information”. This will bring you to your account information page. You can then update, remove, and add addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.  

Click here for the parking portal link.

My car was towed from campus where can I pick it up?

Your vehicle would have been towed by Sullivan’s Automotive Services. They are located at: 84 Airport Rd. Old Town, ME 04468. 

Their contact numbers are :

Dispatch Office Phone : 207.827.2413 / Fax : 207.827.-3616
Business Office Phone : 207.817.0142 / Fax : 207.817.0143

I was recently hired but when I attempt to log into the web portal it doesn’t recognize me. What can I do? 

There is usually a 2-week delay between a start date and our system getting the new employee information synced. As a new employee you should have been given a temporary two week pass to get you through this period. If one was not given to you please stop into the Parking Office and we can issue you one. If it has been more than two weeks and you are still having trouble purchasing a permit, please send us an email and we can look into your individual account and updated it accordingly.