Rules for Enjoying the Boardwalk

These rules are designed to maximize your safe and enjoyable use of the boardwalk, and to protect wetland vegetation and wildlife. The following actions are not permitted.

Bicycles or Skateboards and Running

The boardwalk is only 4 feet wide. It is used for leisurely walking, and by persons in wheelchairs. Bikes and skate boards and running are incompatible and a danger to walkers and wheelchair users on so narrow a walkway. We have provided a bike rack where bikers may leave their bikes before they use the boardwalk.

Shouting and Radios

The boardwalk is for the enjoyment of nature under quiet conditions. Shouting and radios are incompatible with such enjoyment.

Dogs or Other Pets

Numerous boardwalk users come to watch birds and other wildlife. Many dogs and other pets chase and kill wildlife. Some boardwalk users are afraid of dogs. An approaching dog on a 4-feet-wide walkway, even on leash, is terrifying to such persons. The toilet habits of dogs are difficult to control. Boardwalk users are not permitted to get off the boardwalk for any reason (see below). Dog excrement alters the natural condition of the nutrient poor wetland. Service animals permitted.

Stepping Off the Boardwalk

The plants and the upper peat are easily damaged by trampling. Some damage was done by construction workers to the plants and upper peat at occasional places adjacent to the boardwalk. We wish to allow these plants and the peat to recover. Please do not set back this recovery by stepping off the boardwalk. Most of the areas adjacent to the boardwalk are in pristine condition. Please help to maintain this condition by staying on the boardwalk.

Collecting of Plants, Branches, and Flowers

The area traversed by the boardwalk is managed as a nature reserve. There are many beautiful plants. Please leave these plants, small or large, for others to see. Collecting, snipping of branches, and picking of flowers are strictly prohibited.


Smoking on the boardwalk is prohibited. The boardwalk was a tremendous effort to build. Let’s not burn it. The dry wood of the boardwalk, and the heath plants of the bog around it are extremely inflammable. Although Orono Bog is a wetland, the plants and upper peat may become very dry in summer. Peat fires are extremely difficult to put out, and fighting of peat fires could do major damage to the bog.


Boardwalk users expect to see a pristine environment. Please carry out all papers and other trash. A trash container is available at the beginning of the boardwalk.

Toilet Needs

A walk along the entire boardwalk covers 1 mile. There are no toilet facilities along the way. Human urine and excrement will kill bog plants. A leisurely walk over the full distance, together with time spent observing and/or photographing the many interesting features of the bog can take over two hours. Please take care of your toilet needs before starting out on the boardwalk.