Assessment Toolkit & Resources

The purpose of academic assessment at the University of Maine is to improve student learning. The primary goal of our academic assessment is to further develop an environment that supports student learning and continually reflects on the efficacy of our programs. Below are helpful resources to use for program assessment. For a more detailed description of program assessment at UMaine, please refer to the University of Maine Assessment Plan.

University of Maine Assessment Documents and Templates 

The following are the required documents for assessment planning and documentation at the University of Maine:


Assessment Planning

Helpful documents for assessment planning:

  • Assessment Calendar (coming soon!)
  • Assessment Planning Document (coming soon!)
  • Helpful Tips for Starting Assessment Conversation in your Unit (coming soon!)
  • Assessment 101 – Quick video overview of learning outcomes assessment.


Student Learning Outcomes


Curriculum Mapping

Resources that help identify, within an academic department’s curriculum, where and how learning objectives are addressed:


Collecting Data & Evidence

Collecting data and evidence occurs once a program has identified their program learning outcomes and mapped them to the curriculum.  Below are some helpful resources on collecting data and evidence for program assessment purposes:


Communicating Assessment Results: 

Building a narrative through evidence-based storytelling can help the audience more effectively understand the data being communicated.

8 Step Toolkit for Building a Narrative


Assessment Models and Examples from Other Institutions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more information on the topic of assessment, including academic readings and national organizations, please click here.