College of Education and Human Development

College of Education and Human Development

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new windowAthletic Training 

new windowChild Development and Family Relations – B.S., Child Development and Family Relations

new windowElementary Education

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education – Outdoor Leadership

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education – Exercise Science

new windowSecondary Education

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College of Engineering

College of Engineering

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new windowBiomedical Engineering – B.S., Biomedical Engineering

new windowChemical Engineering – B.S., Chemical Engineering

new windowCivil Engineering – B.S., Civil Engineering

new windowComputer Engineering – B.S., Computer Engineering

new windowConstruction Engineering – B.S., Construction Engineering Technology

new windowElectrical Engineering – B.S., Electrical Engineering

new windowElectrical Engineering Technology – B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology

new windowEngineering Physics – B.S., Engineering Physics

new windowMechanical Engineering – B.S., Mechanical Engineering

new windowMechanical Engineering Technology – B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technology

new windowSurvey Engineering Technology – B.S., Survey Engineering Technology

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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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new windowAnthropology – B.A., Anthropology; B.A., Human Dimensions of Climate Change

new windowArt – B.A., Studio Art; B.A., Art Education; B.A., Art History; B.F.A., Studio Art

new windowChemistry – B.A., B.S., Chemistry

new windowCommunication and Journalism – B.A., Communication; B.A., Media Studies; B.A., Journalism

new windowComputing and Information Science – B.A., B.S., Computer Science; B.A., New Media

new windowEnglish – B.A., English

new windowFrench – B.A., French

new windowHistory – B.A., History

new windowInternational Affairs – B.A., International Affairs

new windowMathematics and Statistics – B.A., Mathematics

new windowModern Languages & Classics – B.A., French; B.A., Spanish; B.A., Romance Languages (French & Spanish)

new windowPhilosophy – B.A., Philosophy

new windowPhysics and Astronomy – B.A., B.S., Physics; B.S., Engineering Physics

new windowPolitical Science – B.A., Political Science

new windowPsychology – B.A., Psychology

new windowSchool of Performing Arts – Music – B.A., Music; B.A., Jazz Studies; B.M., Music Education; B.M., Music Performance

new windowSchool of Performing Arts – Theatre – B.A., Theatre

new windowSociology– B.A., Sociology

new windowWomen’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – B.A., Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, & Agriculture

College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture

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new windowAnimal and Veterinary Sciences – B.S., Animal and Veterinary Sciences

new windowSchool of Biology and Ecology – B.A., B.S., Biology; B.A., B.S., Botany; B.A., B.S., Zoology

new windowCommunication Sciences and Disorders – B.A., Communication Sciences and Disorders

new windowSchool of Earth and Climate Sciences – B.A., B.S., Earth Sciences

new windowB.S., Ecology and Environmental Sciences

new windowSchool of Economics – B.A., B.S., Economics; B.A., B.S., Financial Economics

new windowSchool of Food and Agriculture – B.S., Environmental Horticulture; B.S., Sustainable Agriculture

new windowFood Science – B.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition

new windowSchool of Forest Resources – B.S., Ecology and Environmental Sciences; B.S., Forestry Operations, Bioproducts, and Bioenergy; B.S., Forestry; B.S., Parks, Recreation and Tourism

new windowMarine Sciences – B.S., Marine Sciences

new windowMedical Laboratory Sciences – B.S., Medical Laboratory Sciences

new windowMolecular and Biomedical Sciences – B.S., Biochemistry; B.S., Microbiology; B.S., Molecular and Cell Biology

new windowNursing – B.S.N., Nursing

new windowSocial Work – B.S.W., Social Work

new windowWildlife Ecology – B.S., Wildlife Ecology

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Maine Business School

Maine Business School

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new windowAccounting – B.S., Business Administration in Accounting

new windowFinance – B.S., Business Administration in Finance

new windowManagement – B.S., Business Administration in Management

new windowMarketing – B.S., Business Administration in Marketing

Estabrooke Hall

Honors College

new windowHonors Program

Division of Lifelong Learning

Division of Lifelong Learning

Link to 3 Year Reporting Forms

new windowUniversity Studies – B.A.

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