Please note: The planning documents linked below are no longer used to submit official assessment reports. You are encouraged to continue to use them for your own assessment planning, but reports are now submitted via the Annual Assessment Reporting button on this page’s left sidebar.

College of Education and Human Development

College of Education and Human Development

new windowAthletic Training 

new windowChild Development and Family Relations – B.S., Child Development and Family Relations

new windowElementary Education

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education – Outdoor Leadership

new windowKinesiology and Physical Education – Exercise Science

new windowSecondary Education

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College of Engineering

College of Engineering

new windowBiomedical Engineering – B.S., Biomedical Engineering

new windowChemical Engineering – B.S., Chemical Engineering

new windowCivil Engineering – B.S., Civil Engineering

new windowComputer Engineering – B.S., Computer Engineering

new windowConstruction Engineering – B.S., Construction Engineering Technology

new windowElectrical Engineering – B.S., Electrical Engineering

new windowElectrical Engineering Technology – B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology

new windowEngineering Physics – B.S., Engineering Physics

new windowMechanical Engineering – B.S., Mechanical Engineering

new windowMechanical Engineering Technology – B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technology

new windowSurvey Engineering Technology – B.S., Survey Engineering Technology

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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

new windowAnthropology – B.A., Anthropology; B.A., Human Dimensions of Climate Change

new windowArt – B.A., Studio Art; B.A., Art Education; B.A., Art History; B.F.A., Studio Art

new windowChemistry – B.A., B.S., Chemistry

new windowCommunication and Journalism – B.A., Communication; B.A., Media Studies; B.A., Journalism

new windowComputing and Information Science – B.A., B.S., Computer Science; B.A., New Media

new windowEnglish – B.A., English

new windowFrench – B.A., French

new windowHistory – B.A., History

new windowInternational Affairs – B.A., International Affairs

new windowMathematics and Statistics – B.A., Mathematics

new windowModern Languages & Classics – B.A., French; B.A., Spanish; B.A., Romance Languages (French & Spanish)

new windowPhilosophy – B.A., Philosophy

new windowPhysics and Astronomy – B.A., B.S., Physics; B.S., Engineering Physics

new windowPolitical Science – B.A., Political Science

new windowPsychology – B.A., Psychology

new windowSchool of Performing Arts – Music – B.A., Music; B.A., Jazz Studies; B.M., Music Education; B.M., Music Performance

new windowSchool of Performing Arts – Theatre – B.A., Theatre

new windowSociology– B.A., Sociology

new windowWomen’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – B.A., Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, & Agriculture

College of Earth, Life, and Health Sciences

new windowAnimal and Veterinary Sciences – B.S., Animal and Veterinary Sciences

new windowSchool of Biology and Ecology – B.A., B.S., Biology; B.A., B.S., Botany; B.A., B.S., Zoology

new windowCommunication Sciences and Disorders – B.A., Communication Sciences and Disorders

new windowSchool of Earth and Climate Sciences – B.A., B.S., Earth Sciences

new windowB.S., Ecology and Environmental Sciences

new windowSchool of Economics – B.A., B.S., Economics; B.A., B.S., Financial Economics

new windowSchool of Food and Agriculture – B.S., Environmental Horticulture; B.S., Sustainable Agriculture

new windowFood Science – B.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition

new windowSchool of Forest Resources – B.S., Ecology and Environmental Sciences; B.S., Forestry Operations, Bioproducts, and Bioenergy; B.S., Forestry; B.S., Parks, Recreation and Tourism

new windowMarine Sciences – B.S., Marine Sciences

new windowMedical Laboratory Sciences – B.S., Medical Laboratory Sciences

new windowMolecular and Biomedical Sciences – B.S., Biochemistry; B.S., Microbiology; B.S., Molecular and Cell Biology

new windowNursing – B.S.N., Nursing

new windowSocial Work – B.S.W., Social Work

new windowWildlife Ecology – B.S., Wildlife Ecology

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Maine Business School

Maine Business School

new windowAccounting – B.S., Business Administration in Accounting

new windowFinance – B.S., Business Administration in Finance

new windowManagement – B.S., Business Administration in Management

new windowMarketing – B.S., Business Administration in Marketing

Estabrooke Hall

Honors College

new windowHonors Program

Division of Lifelong Learning

Division of Lifelong Learning

new windowUniversity Studies – B.A.

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