SET Response Rates

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) response rate reports are available for fall 2022.

At UMaine, fall-to-fall mean response rates have held quite constant since 2020, at ~45%.  Spring mean response rates have been more varied, with a low of 34% in 2022 and a high of 45% in 2021. UMaine Machias switched to a shorter evaluation survey in spring 2021 and has seen an increase in response rates from the low 30s% to the mid 40s%. Additional response rate information, like a breakdown by course level and instructional modes, can be found on the OIRA course evaluations website (bottom of page).

Unit of analysis is the section.

New information we have started to include in the response rate reports, for 2022 Fall, is how enrollment influences the mean response rate. While some variation by section enrollment is evident, the change in mean response rate is relatively small.

UMaine – Fall 2022