IR Data Fellows

The IR Data Fellows Program, aimed at expanding data utilization and literacy across campus, began in January. This initiative seeks to equip staff throughout UMaine with the necessary skills to leverage campus data resources effectively, with the goal of establishing a sustainable data literacy strategy. This strategy aims to empower users and foster a broader utilization of data across various campus functions.

Ten faculty and staff members from UMaine and UMaine Machias have actively participated in monthly in-person sessions. These sessions have facilitated discussions on the strengths and weaknesses pertaining to data literacy and data-informed decision-making within the university. Additionally, participants have started collaborating on group projects focused on two critical aspects of student success and retention: evaluating the performance of students entering UMaine who had graduated from high school with high GPAs, and analyzing the relationship between retention rates and student engagement levels, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement.

The year-long program is set to conclude in December, culminating in the presentation of final projects. This initiative has proven to be a valuable opportunity for OIRA to engage in collaborative efforts with faculty and staff, fostering a culture of informed decision-making through engaging discussions and shared insights.