UMaine students, faculty to present at 2023 Maine Sustainability and Water Conference

A number of University of Maine students and faculty members will present at the 2023 Maine Sustainability and Water Conference at the Augusta Civic Center on March 30. UMaine’s Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions is the lead organizer of the event.

For more information and to register, visit the event webpage.

Session chairs include Parker Gassett, Climate Resilience Coordinator, Maine Climate Science Information Exchange, Maine Sea Grant, for the session Applied Research to Advance Coastal Climate Resilience; Andres Urcuqui-Bustamante, Ph.D. student at the School of Forest Resources, for the session Protecting Key Ecosystems through Integrated Pest Management in Maine; Sharon Klein, professor at the School of Economics and Mitchell Center Faculty Fellow, for the session Maine Community Resilience Partnership: Supporting Local Climate and Energy Action; and Caroline Noblet, associate professor at the School of Economics, and masters student Charity Zimmerman for the session Voices of the PFAS Issue in Maine.

Session presenters include Jessica Reilly-Moman, former Ph.D. student at the Darling Marine Center; Sean M.C. Smith, associate professor at the Earth and Climate Sciences and  Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions; Mark Jordan, Ph.D. student at the School of Earth and Climate Sciences; Julie Gosse, associate professor of biochemistry; Andrei Alyokhin, professor of applied entomology; Stephanie Hurd, Ph.D. student in ecology and environment sciences; Regina Smith, program manager at the Cooperative Forestry Research Unit; David Handley, vegetable and small fruit specialist at UMaine Extension; Alex Scearce, masters student of plant, soils and environmental science; Erin Percival Carter, assistant professor of marketing at the Maine Business School; and Kathleen Bell, professor at the School of Economics.

Undergraduate student poster presenters include Noah Burby, Honors College, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences; Angeline Casella and Robert “Cade” King, School of Earth and Climate Sciences; Hayden Libby, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Molly Shea and Bruce Wyatt, Honors College, School of Economics. 

Graduate student poster presenters include Yuksel Rudy Alkarem, Liam Hanley, Nicolas Cyr and Debora Barros, Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI); Taylor Bailey, Vanessa Mahan, Elisabeth Younce, Grace Johnson and Simin Moavenzadeh Ghaznavi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Abigail Bennett, School of Forest Resources; Beth Davis, School of Biology and Ecology; Gabrielle Hillyer and Rachel White, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences; B Lauer and Jennifer Smith-Mayo, Department of Communication and Journalism; Alissa Miller-Gonzalez, Charity Zimmerman and Benjamin Cotton, School of Economics.