Forestry and the Environment

Pine Tree Watch interviews UMaine, Extension faculty about shift in weather patterns

Pine Tree Watch interviewed Sean Birkel, research assistant professor in the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, and John Jemison, a soil and water quality specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, about shift weather patterns fueled by climate change. According to the article, “Rain deficits can be prompted by “atmospheric blocking […]

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Fernandez talks about Maine Climate Council action plan on ‘Maine Calling’

Ivan Fernandez, a professor of soil science and forest resources and cooperating professor in the Climate Change Institute, was a recent guest on Maine Public’s “Maine Calling.” The show’s topic was about the Maine Climate Council’s four-year action plan to address climate change. Fernandez is one of two scientists who serve the council.

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American Chestnut tree

Tan, colleagues plant American chestnuts to return ‘perfect tree’ to ecosystem

For generations, majestic American chestnut trees flourished and provided food and wood for people from Maine to Florida. These 100-foot “redwoods of the East” were called perfect trees. They grew fast and produced nutritious chestnuts for people and animals. And their straight-grained and rot-resistant wood was ideal for building houses and barns and crafting furniture.  […]

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Times Record interviews Mech about browntail moth caterpillar

The Times Record interviewed Angela Mech, assistant professor of forest entomology at the University of Maine, about the concentration and dangers of the browntail moth caterpillar in the state. The dark brown caterpillars can be identified by their white stripes and red and orange dots. According to the article, they have toxic hairs that, when […]

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Spruce budworm map

New online app helps visualize, interpret spatial data on spruce budworm mitigation, forest planning

The Intelligent GeoSolutions (IGS) team at the University of Maine’s Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF) has released a free interactive mapping tool, the Forest Ecosystem Status and Trends (ForEST) app, to provide online decision support to private and public forest managers, natural resource agencies, conservation organizations and other stakeholders. With the current outbreak […]

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Maine forest

Daigneault looks for prosperity through the trees

Adam Daigneault and colleagues will be working with people in forest-dependent communities to build paths toward prosperity. The University of Maine E.L. Giddings Assistant Professor of Forest, Conservation, and Recreation Policy will utilize a $105,030 grant from the U.S Forest Service to strengthen northern border towns’ resilience and to enhance their economic development. Many northern […]

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Farm and forest

Daigneault to put forests, farms to work reducing greenhouse gases

Adam Daigneault is analyzing how Maine’s working forests and farms can also be employed to mitigate greenhouse gases (GHG) that are warming the planet. The University of Maine E.L. Giddings Assistant Professor of Forest, Conservation, and Recreation Policy is identifying cost-effective and impactful practices — think commercial thinning and no-till farming — for a United […]

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