Barron Weighs in on Basketball Changes in BDN

Richard Barron, University of Maine women’s basketball coach, commented to the Bangor Daily News on several changes the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Committee approved for the 2015-16 season.

Changes include a game format of four, 10-minute quarters (switching from 20-minute halves) and having the bonus (two-shots) come into effect on the fifth foul of each quarter. The bonus from the fourth quarter will carry into overtime.

“I like bringing the rules more in line with FIBA rules with the quarters,” Barron was quoted as saying. “No one enjoys watching a game where there are 40-plus free throws, so resetting the fouls at the quarter break should help with that.”

In addition, in the final 59.9 seconds of the fourth quarter and overtime, a team that calls a timeout immediately after a made basket, after a defensive rebound or after a change of possession, can inbound the ball in the frontcourt. That change, said Barron in the article, will make late-game possessions more exciting.