Preview of New Media Capstones

New Media capstone students have developed capstone projects reflecting and extending a range of skills learned in the program including web and mobile app development, AR and VR applications, interactive educational video, and 3D design and printing of accessibility devices. Many of our students are working with outside clients and/or field testing new software platforms. Animation projects will be test-using Clip Studio Paint in collaboration with Japanese software company CELSYS.

Bon Appétit Kitchen Assistant, Austin Thibeau

An AR app that will allow foodies to link to Bon Appetit’s collection of cooking videos.

Infinity VR, Jack Lampinen

Working in Unity, this VR project will prototype experiences in non-euclidean geometry.

DisUpgrade, Alej Pride

Design, create and 3D print child-friendly accessibility devices to reduce stigma of obsolete “disability tools”.

Q’d Up, Pete Blangiardi

A music sharing app for Spotify that allows friend groups to create a shared music lists bringing back the original sociality of music listening.

Ani-Mannequin-ation, Andrew Gardner

An interactive, arduino enabled humanoid mannequin that can be used to translate character movement into keyframe animations.

Product Tag, Austin Morin

Using Tensorflow, client images and machine learning, Product Tag will allow social media users to click on items in images and be directed to shops where they can purchase the items.

Local Breweries, Matthew Marchewka

A web app that will allow users to find local breweries, and local breweries to find potential customers.

Latino Food Club, Nick Bernier-Garzon

A recipe sharing web app that connects users to Latino culture through Latino cuisine.

Animation Aspiration, Ian Haddow

A post apocalyptic animation inspired by original character sketches to return mature adult content to US animation.

Keyframe Pilot, Bruce Wilson

A 2D keyframe and frame-by-frame animation about a thief’s journey to enlightenment.

Animated Short, Tanner Matteson

An epic non-linear story in Twine based on a small team survival story.

Maccam Music Docutape, Mac Tragakis and Cam Bilodeau

An interactive educational documentary about the process of producing music using Ableton Live that features built-in quizzes to help beginning music producers learn the craft. Sample video:

3D Etcher Pad, Jesse Commeau

A 3D version of the childhood classic Etch-a-Sketch programmed in Unity.

New Media website redesign, Taylor Pullen

A redesign coordinating wordpress framework with social media and web tools to better serve incoming and current students and alumni, and to establish a job & mentorship network.

SpurHealth, Ryan Libby

A web app featuring health tips for college students with a low time/money budget.

Crowdsourced Comics, Arthur Hubbard

An online platform for crowdsourcing collaborative graphic novel creation about major life transitions.

Music for Game Development, Will Robertson

A program that creates loopable musical pieces for video game developers with no musical experience.

Heart/Beat, Perry Amos

Research and development of bluetooth subwoofer to test bass effects on human heartbeats and biorhythms.

Gamers Up/Down, Liwen Chen

An interactive research project about the true ups and downs of gaming