New Media alumni share the secrets of a successful career in 2022

New media careers in 2022
Thursday 20 January
12:30-1:30pm EST

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Join us for a free webinar with alumni of UMaine’s New Media program, who will share practical advice for choosing and sustaining a creative life in the 21st-century job market.

The career landscape of 2022 offers a rich array of options for graduates with an interest in the creative application of technology. One of the presenters designs interfaces for healthcare services; another composes avant-garde music; others make mobile apps and websites. They work at organizations ranging from the University of California to The New York Times to a thriving startup just off the UMaine campus. All are former New Media Majors.

Attenders can ask questions like:

– What skills are employers looking for these days?

– Is it more useful to cold-email my CV or cultivate my LinkedIn profile?

– How are people interviewing and hiring under COVID?

– Do I have to move to an urban center to get a job, or has remote work changed that?

You can watch last year’s alumni webinar in this interactive format, or contact us for questions. We hope you can join us!


New Media alumni, clockwise from the top left. Matt James (2005), Ashley Duggan White (2018), Zev Eisenberg (2011), and Ryan Page (2011)
New Media alumni, clockwise from the top left. Matt James (2005), Ashley Duggan White (2018), Zev Eisenberg (2011), and Ryan Page (2011)

Matt James (2005) is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of CourseStorm, an education technology startup located in Orono, Maine. Using the skills he gained from the UMaine New Media program, Matt helped build a software company from scratch and design applications that hundreds of thousands of people across the country use to connect to education. CourseStorm serves people who enroll in classes outside of traditional school, which is twice as many students as all public schools, colleges, and universities combined. CourseStorm has worked with over 750 organizations across the US, making nearly one million connections to education with students in all 50 states.

Ashley White (2018) is a software interaction designer interested in the biotechnology and animal care. She works at IDEXX, one of the leading veterinary diagnostic companies in the world, headquartered near Portland, Maine. Ashley loves UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) design, prototyping, user research, and front-end programming. Ashley’s combined her Bachelors degree in New Media at UMaine with a minor in Computer Science and also studied graphic design at Massasoit Community College. In her free time she enjoys hiking, fishing, canoe camping, and gardening.

Zev Eisenberg (2011) was raised by clowns, but he ran away to join the circuits. After completing a New Media degree with a focus on interaction design, he worked as an iOS developer at a home automation company and a software agency. In 2020, he joined the New York Times to work on their iOS news app, and in 2021, he moved to a new team at the Times to build a kids’ how-to app. In his free time, Zev juggles, gives talks about juggling, writes apps about juggling, and gives talks about writing apps about juggling.

Ryan Page (2011) is an award-winning electronic music composer whose work focuses on the intersection of technology and human perception. He has worked as an audio engineer for the videogame company Electronic Arts, an audiovisual technician for the California Academia of Sciences, and product technician for Keith McMillen Instruments. He’s produced his own software, exhibited installations, released two dozen recordings, and performed his music on the East and West Coast. Ryan is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The Knowledge Bites webinar series

This year the New Media program of the University of Maine is continuing its series of free Zoom conferences that focus on specific digital skills. Past webinars have covered how to code a mobile app, how to mint an NFT, and how to design a responsive web page. You can watch interactive recordings of these webinars.