M.A.T in Spanish (30 crs.)

Degree Requirements

5-6 courses in film, literature, linguistics, language and/or culture at the 500 level. (Taught in Spanish, 15-18 cr.)

1 Course in contemporary society & culture. It is highly recommended that this course be taken in a country where Spanish is a national or official language. It is intended to introduce the teacher to current political structures, social institutions and issues, business practices, educational systems, etc. An alternative in-residence immersion course will be offered in Maine for those who are unable to participate in such courses abroad. (Taught in Spanish, 3 cr.)

2 courses in advanced Spanish grammar or advanced language
to develop accuracy in the use of the language in preparation for teaching. (Taught in Spanish, 3-6 cr.)

SED 500 Adapting Instruction for Students with Disabilities, required for certification. (3 cr.)

1 course in foreign language teaching methods which reinforces principles and best practices in pedagogical strategies, (including the use of technology in the classroom), curriculum development, and assessment with an emphasis on the Maine Learning Results in World Languages and National Standards, required for certification. (3 cr.)

Graduate portfolio.
The culminating project for this degree is a professional teaching portfolio illustrating the candidate’s familiarity with Maine’s ten teaching standards and readiness to teach a second language in the K-12 classroom.

Course Delivery Mode. Courses in Spanish and education are offered in the Maine State Summer Institute for Teachers of French and Spanish and via distance education during the academic year. It is possible to complete the 30 required credits in two summers (12 credits x 2) and one academic year (6 credits). Credits from other courses offered at participating institutions may, upon approval by the graduate coordinator at UM, be counted toward the M.A.T. in Spanish.

Admission. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree, have successfully completed 24 credit hours (or equivalent) in Spanish, and successfully have passed the Praxis II examinations at a level qualifying them for state teaching certification. Application forms are available from the Graduate School website.

For more information, contact the graduate coordinator, Professor Ludington or visit the Graduate School website.