Household Social Media Challenge

Participants in a household social media challenge followed a three week social media campaign of tips, tricks, and suggestions that started on Earth Day (April 22nd, 2017) and concluded with Maine Composts Week (May 13, 2017). These suggestions helped participants to 1) improve meal planning and shopping habits, 2) store and manage food (cooked and uncooked) better, and 3) acquire the tools to start composting. Weekly prizes were awarded on a lottery basis, with each post Like giving participants another entry into the lottery.

Food Diversion Challenge

Feeding the 5000– Feeding the 5000 is a flagship campaigning event to shine a light on the global food waste scandal, champion the delicious solutions and catalyse the global movement. At each event, we serve up a delicious communal feast for 5000 people made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been wasted. We bring together a coalition of organisations that offer the solutions to food waste, raising the issue up the political agenda and inspiring new local initiatives.

Learn about the 2016 event in Portland! or follow Feed Back to find out about similar events

Feeding America– As the largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America is leading the fight against hunger in our nation. They do this by not only feeding people on the ground, but also by raising awareness of the issue across the country. Feeding America educates the public about the impact of hunger through investment in marketing and communications, advocacy and cutting-edge research.