2017 TEAM 1: Human-powered Energy Alternative






Project Overview:

The project is aimed to help generate electricity while encouraging people to bring about a healthier lifestyle.  A team of eight graders from Troy Howard Middle School, now freshmen at Belfast area high school, proposed the idea of a merry-go-round that would be used as an alternative energy source.  The power generated from this device would be stored in batteries at a kiosk that could be used to power personal devices from iPods to cell phones and even possibly laptops. This design and proposal idea helped them place nationally as part of the National Science Teachers’ Association competition know as eCYBERMISSION which is sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program.  After the team placed nationally they wrote a formal proposal and was the recipients of one out of five grants given nationally in order to complete their project.  They have asked the University of Maine and some of the current Mechanical Engineering Technology students to help tackle this project with more in-depth research and techniques to generate and harness the energy.

Official Grant Proposal



Week closing 4 May 2017

Now that presentations have been completed we have met with Norm Poirier of Parks and rec and handed off the materials as well as discussed the next steps for installing and modifying our prototype.  I want to thank the entire team for working so hard to finish this project.  We also want to thank any and all sponsors and contributors mentioned below this project could not have been completed without such help.  We also want to congratulate all of the other teams for completing their projects.


We wish the best to all the other students and team members in their future endeavors.


Previous Updates


 UMaine Team Members:

David Austin: 

Dave enlisted in the army for the time period of 2008-2013. He got to visit different countries and see different parts of the U.S. He realized that tedious government work was not for him and got off of active duty in 2013 to enroll in the University of Maine for mechanical engineering. While studying at the University he was a cadet instructor in the army reserves from 2013-2015. Afterward, he put the military behind him to open up space in his life for better opportunities in the civilian world. In the summer of 2016 he worked an internship for a mining company. He liked what he saw of mining and is now seeking post-graduation work in the mining industry.

Garrett Anderson: 

Garrett Anderson is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering technology program at UMaine who grew up in Skowhegan, Maine.  His interests include golfing, fishing, and cheering on the Patriots in the fall.  With the completion of this project, he hopes to learn skills that he will be able to apply in his future.

Alex Black:

Alex started his undergrad career at UMF as a Geology major, he then realized that his passion was not that and transferred to the University of Maine in the mechanical engineering technology program.  Alex is currently a senior at the university as well as a member of the Maine Army National Guard as a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic.  During his free time, he likes to play with his dog Dakota, snowboard, ride his motorcycle, and continue his flight training to become a private pilot.  This past summer he completed an internship at Pratt and Whitney confirming his desire to work in the aviation field.  After graduating from the University of Maine in the spring he would like to continue work in the aviation field and possibly pursue an airframe & power plant license.

Matthew Merchant: 

A senior Student in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program.  He hopes to someday be able to give back to his hometown of Levant.  He’s spent his years at UMaine working hard as a volunteer and as an employee in numerous jobs when he hasn’t been working in the classroom.  The work he’s doing on this project will be a test to the hard work that he’s done over the years and will aid in his preparation for his eventual professional career as an engineer.

IMG_0852Power Play Team Members:

Joshua Chun:

My name is Joshua Chun and I am currently a freshman at Belfast Area High School. I enjoy playing tennis and am looking forward to playing for the high school. I am very interested in engineering and specifically aerospace engineering. My dream job would to be an astronaut and go into outer space one day.

Grace Fitzjurls:

I’m Grace Fitzjurls and I’m 15 years old. I go to Belfast Area High School in Belfast, Maine. I’m a 3-sport athlete: soccer, basketball, and softball. Basketball is by far my favorite and my life goal is to become a professional basketball player. I also love to read!

Vincent Bonarrigo:

I am a freshman going to Belfast Area High School. I play three sports: soccer, hockey, and baseball. My favorite subject in school is science. One of my favorite hobbies is to fish. When I grow up I want to become an engineer.

Sydni Moores:

My name is Sydni Moores and I’m currently a 9th grader at Belfast Area High school. I have been involved with an extra-curricular program called eCYBERMISSION since 6th grade, but only recently with a group of students received a grant that is helping/allowing us to build our energy producing playground. Some of my hobbies or current extra-curricular activities consist of sports, Science Olympiad, and debate.


 Gantt Chart



Initial Meeting

Electrical Schematic 


eCYBERMISSION- $4,700 awarded grant



All acknowledgments are of personnel that have helped move the project forward in any aspect.

Prof. Keith Berube & Brett Ellis – Capstone Advisors

Norm Poirier – Belfast Parks and Recreation

Elizabeth Haynes – Team Power Play Advisor from Troy Howard Middle School

Team Power Play – Joshua Chun, Grace Fitzjurls, Vincent Bonarrigo, Sydni Moores

Tod Rosenberg – Belfast City Code Officer

John Allen-  EET Professor, University of Maine

Bulbs and Batteries, Bangor Maine (https://www.batteriesplus.com)

Troy Industrial Solutions, Brewer Maine (http://troyindustrialsolutions.com)

Kyle Guerrette – Machining help

Eunyoung Austin -Electrical help