MET 394 Mechanical Engineering Technology Practice

“Cooperative work experience in mechanical engineering technology at full-time employment for at least a ten-week period.” 

Cooperative education is not required in the MET program, but students can select MET 394 as a technical elective. MET 394 students are required to identify and apply for possible cooperative experiences. The Career Center is one campus resource to help find positions.

2009 students in MET 394 had the following experiences: 

US. Naval Research Laboratory
“There are two projects I am currently working on at the US Naval Research Laboratory. First is the testing of batteries to measure their capacity after various operations have been performed on them. Second is the design of testing fixtures for tests on various helmet materials and padding configruations. In both of these projects I have multiple roles to aid in testing, design and analysis….It seems that I have used almost every portion of my school knowledge in just his last month alone. This position hs offered challenges in product and process sleection, testing apparatus and setup, material selection, design, and much more…”

Metso Paper Company: “Metso is an international supplier of custom designed drying and web handling equipment for the paper and non-woven industries…Working at Metso has taught me key principles on how a company can use engineering principles to stay successful in a global economic downturn by:

  • Proactive approach to problem solving ideas:
  • Discussing different approaches involved with operators, the repairmen, the process group and the technical planners to develop data;
  • Data driven recommendations to improve machine performance and reduce cost.”

State of Maine Department of Transportation: “My main concentration is to serve as a field inspector for the MDOT on active contracted construction projects. My responsibilities are to assure all work inspected meets the standard specifications and contract requirements, ensure work meets expected quality, inform resident of any work that does not meet specifications, and document all work that is completed…”