Fabrication Projects

In MET you’ll make what you design!

And with us you’ll learn how!

Although most students starting in MET have no experience machining or welding, a few do have prior experience in one or the other of these areas. You won’t become a machinist or a welder in our program, but you will be able to make what you design!

If you’ve never done this before, you can think of it as high-end arts-and-crafts – or very meticulous sculpture.

First you’ll learn the computer-aided design (CAD) skills to make an image of what you want to fabricate.

Then you’ll fabricate the parts from your detailed drawings.

All students learn to program the computer numerical controlled (CNC) mills and lathes, including using computer-aided design/computer-aided machining (CAD/CAM) software to translate a part drawing into a machining program.

Some students also choose an elective course to design and fabricate more complex parts